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New generation of De Ruiter rootstock

This line complements its tomato catalogue with good protection against Nematodes and covering the entire vigour range and variety combinations.

“Wherever you Look”, in any geographical area, typology and variety of tomato, either ground varieties or vines, at De Ruiter they continue developing varieties of rootstock that offer important advantages for farmers.

The company’s improvement programme continues to be the one that offers the best agronomic results throughout the history of tomato grafts in Spain and in all the tomato producing regions in the world. “With this precedent, our R&D team has an incredible challenge, to continue developing products that provide solutions to very specific problems and that at the same time improve basic aspects such as production, size, quality, plant health, reduction of the use of plant protection products, resistances and maintaining the flavour of the grafted variety. And we have done it once again”.

This year, De Ruiter is promoting its “New Generation”, with Balancefort and DRO141TX, its first two launches from this line, which will be joined by Dynafort and Vitalfort in the near future.

Each new variety reaches the commercial phase after 6-7 years of trials in which each and every one of the parameters required by the market are painstakingly measured and, in many cases, even parameters that do not require special attention are measured, but that make its catalogue the most consistent on the market. Therefore, they have all the answers to the questions sent by farmers, with results that have been compared over the years where the changing weather conditions and the crop cycles are influenced by market prices or any of the variables that occur over these years. It is a De Ruiter guarantee: results and peace of mind for the farmers.


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