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Bargosa and Fr. Albiach walk hand in hand

Both companies are celebrating their new future with different tasting events at Mercovasa

In October, 2016, the two companies reached an agreement to join together to create a business structure capable of leading the wholesale sector throughout the Spanish Levant region. The first step towards this goal was the refurbishment, extension and modernisation of the facilities owned by Frutas Albiach in the Mercovasa market (El Puig, Valencia). After months of hard work and with an investment of over 1 million euros, the new installations were officially opened at the end of May. For this reason and during June and July, they are holding a series of tasting events with their most prestigious produce, such as Gabaceras bananas, Val Venosta apples, the distinguished Super Sweet pineapple, Del Monte produce or the brand name Solen Gold.

Since 1954, Bargosa, with +€ 180M of annual invoicing, 7 offices all over the Iberian Peninsula, a packaging and preparation centre for melons/watermelons and stands in wholesale markets, has been a leading reference point serving the Large Retail Sector, local supermarket chains and wholesalers, thanks to the deep trust existing with suppliers that have been built over a long journey. Frutas Albiach, on the other hand, brings over 30 years of experience in the sector and perfect knowledge of the local environment. The union of the two firms has resulted in a company focussed on creating the right conditions for the growth and benefit of its wholesale and retail clients.

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