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From apples to ‘cider-tourism’

Going from apple production, passing through the preparation of cider, an Empordà firm is starting up “cider-tourism”

The company Frutícola Agroalimentraria Mas Saulot is an example of innovation and of creation of added value for a product such as the apple.

The third generation of a family devoted to production is venturing out with a groundbreaking new project: traditional preparation of a cider and natural juice pressed on the farm without water, without added sugar, without using concentrates and without additives, where the raw material comes only from Girona apples.

At the beginning of the year, La Mooma Cider, a name coming from the combination of Montgrí and Manzana, won an international blind tasting, placing it in first position, ahead of renowned ciders from Asturias, Ireland, South Africa, etc. The first cider from Empordà is a natural drink, with a short channel, low in alcohol, very healthy, gluten free, etc.

After the success of the first of its product, the Frigola family, owners of the company, decided to continue diversifying with different varieties of juices and ciders, vinegar, purees and healthy snacks.

The latest step has been ‘cider-tourism’, a guided visit around the Mas Saulot farm, where visitors can discover first hand all the processes that lead to the creation of this drink: from the apples in the fields, to the different transformation processes (pressing, maceration, fermentation…) until the final bottling. The visit ends with a varied tasting of products along with a tasting menu, where apples are always present.

The current cider production is around 1,000 l/month, with a much higher figure for juices, a volume that the family does not rule out extending since its market goals are on an international scale.

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