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From broccoli to aloe vera

Agrícola Navarro de Haro is celebrating its 18th anniversary adding new produce to its range

Renewal as a method to continue growing. This is the policy followed by Agrícola Navarro de Haro, a company that incorporates a new product to its catalogue every eighteen months. Less than two years ago it added courgettes and during this campaign it is the turn of broccoli, a product that is booming, which will allow them to supply their customers over a 24-week period. During this first year, they will produce around 2.5 million kilos on 120 hectares, all of which is their own production, as the manager, José Alonso Navarro Flores explains. And he tells us what the next development will be: aloe vera, a line that could be ready within a year and one on which they have started to work, with an initial production in the ecological range.

Another of the references from their catalogue, the lettuce, continues with a gentle growth and in 2017/18 it will reach 12 million pieces, all of them of the iceberg type.

Amongst all its products (with watermelon and tomatoes as the main figureheads), the company from Almeria expects to reach a total volume of 80 million kilos and 40 million euros of invoicing, which means a 10% increase compared to the last campaign. A forecast that confirms that the company is in top form on its recent 18th birthday. To celebrate such an important date, the company brought together its entire team, as well as different authorities, amongst them the Minister for Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development in Andalusia, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, the Government Delegate, Gracia Fernández and the Regional Agriculture Delegate, José Manuel Ortiz Bono. At this event, which was attended by 400 guests, they also celebrated the award granted to them by the Andalusian Government in the Innovating initiative category and the manager’s over 40 years working in the sector.

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