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Gea, Sakata’s new broccoli offer

This variety is easy to recognise due to its very round head and bluish colour

Broccoli consumption is increasing both in Europe as a whole and in Spain. Sakata’s aim is to respond to all the needs demanded both by consumers and producers with a wide range of varieties, adapted to each type of market.

Gea is the company’s new broccoli variety option. Its appearance stands out in particular, due to its very round head and bluish colour, with a very thin trunk without any leaf scars, highly attractive for consumers and with a very high uniformity in its harvesting. These are the characteristics that define Sakata’s new broccoli reference. The qualities of this variety respond very well to the demands mainly made by English consumers. In addition, as there are virtually no scars at the leaf insertions, there is less oxidation damage and as the harvest is so homogeneous, the preparation process in the warehouse is much easier.

Every year Sakata presents new broccoli developments, and it intends to continue to do so in the future. In 2015 it presented Triton, a variety that stands out for its deep green colour and its high yield; in 2016 Ares stood out for its earliness and its uniformity; and this year the company is presenting Gea.

Likewise, Sakata is a seed company that tries to take its research even further, attempting to provide value to the sector and to society and for this reason, it invests important efforts in taking part in associations, such as ‘+Brócoli’ and in creating its own projects, such as Brócoli Pasión (Broccoli Passion), to encourage the consumption of this and other vegetables.

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