Healthier ‘On the go’ food

Rijk Zwaan is launching ‘healthy’ proposals for eating out and it is bringing solutions to other trends such as the ‘meal-kits’

Rijk Zwaan’s Première of the 9th of October highlighted the seed company’s commitment to the market trends that are booming worldwide. Alberto Cuadrado, head of Chain Projects, explained the company’s new developments to Fruit Today. Healthy proposals based on high-quality vegetables with excellent organoleptic properties and in formats that make life easier for consumers, wherever they are. This is the case of the ‘On the go’ concept, with snacks such as the delicious cherry tomatoes Deliquia RZ and Sugarino RZ, perfect for snacking on in the street, in the office or on any other journey. “We have packs containing pre-washed, ready to eat produce.” Its famous cucumber snacks, MyCubies© form part of the ‘on the go’ range and they can be used as a base to mix with other ingredients for dipping. Wraps with ‘Lechuga Snack’© are currently being introduced on different channels, such as vending machines and airport shops; the different coloured cauliflower florets for eating raw and its snack-type peppers close a fresh, tasty line that is adapted to the new consumers.

A second line that is being presented is Finest Veggies. Within it, they continue to develop Sweet Palermo (with new colours such as chocolate and orange that are now a reality in the fields). The pink, very tasty, salad tomato, Ty12 RZ is in an introduction phase, under brands such as Riquiño in Galicia and others in Catalonia. In the ‘finest’ cabbages segment they have Luca & Violet (white and purple) kohlrabi for export; the very sweet picuda cabbage Cabbisi© for eating in salads, for both the national and the international markets; its ‘Lechuga Snack’ in a duo-pack and the FunTasty Cos lettuces with new varieties.

Looking towards the distribution’s Vertical Farming, started by chains such as Makro and Edeka, they launched Spicy Sparkle, a new baby leaf that brings together the best of lamb´s lettuce and rocket with a wide range of possibilities for the catering trade.”

For Ready-Cooked and Gourmet Produce, the indisputable king is Sweet Palermo, a premium ingredient that is used as the basis for a surprising variety of products such as fresh hummus (chilled) prepared by the Caparrós Group; a new pâté; an exquisite jam; paprika, Biosabor’s Gazpacho and Unica’s Dried Snacks, amongst others.

And following the trends that make consumers’ lives easier, they have presented a ‘Pisto Meal Kit’ that includes Sweet Palermo from Unica. “With this kit, you have all the ingredients for the recipe, ready for cooking. In Central Europe, this concept has become very popular, particularly for ethnic recipes.”

In the ready-prepared or convenience range, in addition to Knox (its award-winning characteristic that delays rusting on lettuces), they have added the new line Teen Leaf for the Salanova range. “It is a product that is in between baby leaf and ripe leaf, which can be transplanted to a higher density and harvested mechanically.”

All of this and a great deal more, such as the vitalising actions to promote Sweet Palermo and ‘Lechuga Snack’ in food trucks located in halls 5 and 6 and a sound booth where visitors will be invited to take part in the “We Will Crunch You” experience, discovering the best crunch of Mycubies©, in hall 9.

Rijk Zwaan will be present at Fruit Attraction in hall 9, stand 9D12

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