Redi, a revolution in brassicas

Bejo is launching flavourful purple sprouting broccoli, much more attractive for today’s consumer

The seed company is coming to Fruit Attraction with innovations seeking to surprise today’s consumers. The most important new development is Redi, broccoli sprouts that have a very pleasant taste and with an attractive deep purple colour that shows their high levels of healthy properties (rich in anthocyanins and phenolic compounds). Additionally, amongst its advantages for producers and marketers is the fact that “it is easy to grow, productive and allows a schedule to be established to keep in on the supermarket shelves all year long,” according to Enrique Cadiñanos, head of Sales and Development at Bejo. To guarantee the highest quality standards, they will monitor it alongside their suppliers.

They are using Redi to try to give a twist to their wide, well-known range of brassicas (cauliflowers, broccoli…), providing an innovation bonus that contributes to promoting the range amongst new consumers, making it more attractive.

The promotion of Redi will be focussed on the end consumer, through a web site with information and recipes. They will also carry out actions in supermarkets and will work alongside haute cuisine chefs who will emphasise its cooking qualities.

At the same time, Bejo is continuing to promote Sweet 4U, a guarantee stamp that identifies the most prominent varieties due to their flavour, nutritional values and innovation, such as the Magnus asparagus, the crispy Konan kohlrabi or baby carrots, with which they have seen an important growth in sales with the particularly sweet variety Mokum, amongst others.

On the company’s stand at Fruit Attraction (9C15), they will present new varieties from their catalogue of conventional products such as Ladoga courgettes; Caniego cauliflowers; and Pantano, the ‘star’ long-life onion, along with others such as the early harvest crop, Stingray.

They are also placing emphasis on the promotion of micro-bulbs; their important ecological range; and the recent new development, B.Mox, the presentation of carrot seeds that show important germination strength in the first stages, encouraging the defence of the plant itself against diseases and pests, avoiding the use of plant protection products and allowing greater production to be reached.


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