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HillFresh has joined the persimmon bandwagon

The Dutch company is seeking a permanent persimmon supply to respond to the important demand for the produce.
The company from Barendrecht, through its subsidiary, KakiFresh Nature, has acquired over 100 hectares of cropland in Andalusia that will be exclusively used to produce persimmons, a fruit which, according to sources in the company “is booming, and consumers are very interested in it.”
“Aimed at satisfying our customers’ growing demand for this fruit, we have taken a step forward that we believe is necessary and logical, owing to the significant persimmon purchase expectations,” states Pieter de Jong, the company’s director.
Regarding what this new investment means for the company, the executive states that “having our own production involves some important advantages, since in this way matters such as quality and food safety are our own responsibility.”
KakiFresh Nature joined the persimmon world years ago, preparing and marketing the produce. With this acquisition, the company has taken another step and has become responsible for the total traceability of the crop. A crop to which, furthermore, the company applies its own harvesting method to obtain high range fruit, marketed under the Premium brand name ‘Always tasty’.
It is also worth mentioning that at present HillFresh is at an experimental stage in the development of produce from lands in the Southern Hemisphere. “Our project is at an experimental phase, aimed at creating a production circle that completes the entire year”.
The company HillFresh, created less than a decade ago, is mainly devoted to the supply of kiwis, melons, dessert grapes, citrus fruits and persimmons, all of them being high quality produce.

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