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Koppert is launching its new branding

Koppert-nuevo logo-abejorro

It is up-dating its visual identity to express its commitment to 100% sustainable farming

All over the world, Koppert has launched its new branding, which replaces the one that has been used over the past 30 years. The new visual identity, heralded by the new logo, reflects the company’s permanent connection to Nature and it expresses Koppert’s values, which involve its ambition of contributing to a better world by way of healthy food from 100% sustainable farming.

“Our mission to contribute to the health of both the population and the planet by associating with Nature has brought us to where we are today: a solid organisation, driven by a purpose and with solid values. Our new brand image reflects this mission and these values,” according to Peter Maes, Global Strategy Manager (CSO).

With its own offices in 30 countries, it offers biological solutions in more than 100 countries. Over the past fifty years, this family-run company has changed from being a pioneer company with 4 employees to becoming the world leader in biological solutions for controlling pests and agricultural diseases.

Martin Koppert, Sales Manager (CBO), points out that it was time for the visual identity to also evolve: “In order for our world to be more sustainable, we need safe, healthy ways to grow. Our aim is 100% sustainable farming. We work with producers and farmers to achieve this goal. Our new branding guarantees a powerful image on the global markets and it confirms our dedication and commitment to provide a complete range of biological solutions for crops.”

“We are convinced that we are part of the solution, offering our knowledge, experience and products to produce healthy products in the most sustainable way,” Peter Maes adds. It was essential for the new image to show the connection with Nature. “It is where we find all our inspiration, the source of all our solutions.”

Now, the ‘K’ of Koppert is pointing forwards, like the company, which is looking forward, seeking out new sustainable solutions. Additionally, the symmetry of the ‘K’ symbolises the fact that Koppert gives the same importance to biological control on the surface (aerial part of the plant) and under the soil (roots). The natural shapes and colours express its connectivity with Nature and the unlimited solutions that can be found there.

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