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Little Planet Melon and Flavourite to differentiate quality

LittlePlanetComposición copia

Campaign after campaign, Semillas Fitó works on the differentiation of its varieties through quality, providing tools for distributors and consumers to be able to find their brands and logos.

Therefore, this campaign it is launching Little Planet Melon, a new melon type that intends to guarantee the quality of the melons marketed under this brand name, working alongside the companies that will be taking part in the project. With high brix levels, an eye-catching exterior appearance, juicy green flesh, excellent aroma and a fruity, fresh flavour, it is amongst the top melon materials.

Additionally, Semillas Fitó has incorporated the ‘Flavourite’ quality badge to the melon segment. Flavourite is a tool created to differentiate varieties with exceptional flavour and aroma that up to now had only been granted to some cherry tomato varieties, such as Mulan and Solemio, but this year it has also been obtained by the Piel de Sapo melons Arroyo and Montiel.

In order to obtain the “Flavourite” stamp, Arroyo and Montiel have had to pass a series of tests, through external benchmark technological centres, which carry out sensory tests using panels of trained tasters and biocomposite analyses, comparing Fitó’s varieties with reference varieties on the market.

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