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“Many companies will have ecological produce”

Demand for ecological produce keeps growing, particularly in urban areas.

Vicente Escandell, an executive from Frutas Escandell, states that “the demand grows every day, mainly in cities such as Barcelona, but we must not fall into the trap of demonising conventional produce, which is completely safe and healthy. In the future, we should not rule out having an ecological section, because we are registered for it, but at the moment it is still just an idea”.

“In my opinion, many companies will have both lines, and ecological produce will become just another speciality,” the executive states.

On another point, the executive emphasises the importance of wholesale markets that act as safety valves for production. “It is noticeable on the market when exports are booming. When this fails, normally more produce than usual reaches the market.”

The company, an important specialist in the field of berries, has seen how blueberries and raspberries have taken off in recent years.

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