MAP bags: the post-harvest solution

Tecny Media Trading is putting a post-harvest solution on the market based on modified atmosphere bags.

These bags the initials of which are MAP (Modified Atmosphere) modify the inner atmosphere at the same time as controlling the humidity: two systems in one.

This advanced technology from Israel brings many advantages, particularly for long distances and sea shipping of fruit and vegetables. The technique used by Zoepac, the trade name the bags are known by, reduces the risks of quality and weight loss for packaged fruit from its departure at source to its arrival on the supermarket shelves.

Diego Moreno, consultant from Tecny Media Trading, indicates that “MAP bags are a clear alternative to the current transport system of sea shipping containers prepared using ethylene filters, as they maintain the optimum quality of the fruit at all times, with the necessary moisture levels to prevent losses in weight.”

The executive proposes using individual bags in each box or a sheath that covers the entire pallet. This method means an important saving in costs. The bag ensures the inner atmosphere of CO² and oxygen is correct to control the fruit’s breathing rate. Periods of up to 7 weeks are completely feasible, which allows markets that could not be reached until now to be accessed with volumes of produce at admissible costs.

Zoepac offers different types of packaging: bags where the fruit is placed inside, which are then placed inside the export boxes, remaining there until the final destination; bags for long storage boxes and bags for pallets to be used as sheathes during shipping.

The system is particularly efficient for long distances and, above all, for sea shipping. “Different English importers request the produce in bags as they then re-dispatch it.”

In the same vein, Moreno adds, “trials have been carried out with four different varieties of blueberries in Peru and it has been shown that a fruit as delicate as this has reached a shelf life of 33 days, with very little or no variation in the brix degrees and without excessive sugar loss.”

The Zoepac system is also very effective for different types of stone fruit. “But the variety must always be taken into consideration, since this could involve different post-harvest behaviour, as well as the producing region the fruit comes from.”

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