Sorma strengthens its position in Murcia

Sorma Ibérica and Tecnosor have decided to join forces and create Tecnosorma, a new company located in a strategic place: Vega de Cieza.

In this way, the recently created company is strengthening its commitments and technical assistance with all the operators in this production area of Murcia. Its responsibility regarding quality and customer services will extend to also cover weekends during the campaign.

After many years of close collaboration with Juan Antonio López, manager of Tecnosor, “Sorma Ibérica has decided to strengthen this alliance, which will involve becoming closer to this production area and providing, if possible, even better service,” Danielle Fabri, an executive from Sorma Ibérica explains.

All the infrastructures relative to Sormatech, the new calibrator produced in the company’s head offices in Valencia, will be se produced in Cieza.

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