“Morocco will be essential in avocados from January to March”


Agroatlas is studying the extension of its own production crops after its foray with Mexican exotic fruit last year and the addition of mangos during this campaign

 Although at present it has centred its production in Mexico and particularly in the Nayarit region for its avocado supply in terms of its emerging exotic fruit line, the company Agroatlas (specialised in green beans in Agadir, through its subsidiary, Nature Growers), is now studying the possibilities offered by Morocco with a view to increasing its offer with its own production. This is not surprising, as Morocco has tripled its exports (in 2019, 33,000 t) and many operators have started looking at this region. The CCO of Agroatlas, Richi Menoyo, is clear that “Morocco will be a key country in avocado production between January and March”, and the best regions are being explored in order to extend their operations.

 In 2020, the company launched its line of exotic fruits with avocados, and in this campaign it took a step further, adding mangos, both shipped by sea and air, over a four-month period (May-August). The varieties with the largest volumes are Ataulfo, Kent and Keitt, from Mexico.

At present, the results of the line are highly favourable. In quantitative terms, they forecast reaching 5,000 tonnes amongst all the company’s exotic fruit references this campaign, with a 250% growth with respect to last year. The feedback from its clients is also very positive. “We are growing in a very sustainable way and our clients are very satisfied, as we are able to fill a gap in the production, from an origin that is virtually unknown on our continent and, consequently, the prospects are very positive,” explained the CCO from Agroatlas, Richi Menoyo.

What clients, and particularly retailers, have liked is “the social spirit with which we are carrying out this project, where we include the farmers in a direct way, and we do it knowing where they are going and what they need for their products, but particularly in terms of social demands (not only having SMETA), which working with us and with the retail sector entail.”

With regard to Nayarit, he affirms that it is “an ideal area to develop our avocado and mango project along with our associate and partner there, and the farmers that have joined us.”

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