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“Most supermarket chains opt for purple garlic”

50% of the garlic that is marketed with the Purple Garlic PGI is from Peregrín.

40% of SAT Peregrín’s surface area is devoted to garlic. It is the company’s second most important product after leafed crops. The company from Almeria has been working for over four decades in Las Pedroñeras and it covers half of the market of purple garlic with PGI. “Within our production percentage, we devote 17% to the PGI on the declared hectares that we have based on the geographic area,” Juan Salvador Peregrín, in charge of Garlic at Peregrín explains.

Its strategy is based on diversification by crop areas in order to be able to close the whole cycle with its own national production, an aspect that is very highly valued by clients for reasons of food safety and traceability. They start harvesting in May in Malaga and Cordoba, also in Almeria, Granada, Murcia and then La Mancha, where they close the campaign. “80% is sold in nets for end customers. The other 20% is divided up between industry and wholesale markets. Every day we work less in bulk. We sell to supermarkets or to clients who in turn, sell to large supermarket chains.”

Commercially, the national market represents 40%. “You will see purple garlic in most of the Spanish supermarket chains. Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras is highly appreciated in Spain and in America and Australia.”

The rest of its production (60%) is sent abroad, mainly to large supermarket chains. “Outside the EU the consolidated markets where Spain is present are the USA, Brazil, Taiwan and Morocco, according to the export data from the previous campaign.”

Increase in ecological crops

They work with all the commercial varieties of garlic using the brand names Gold and La Reine. Their largest volume is in purple garlic (70%), 25% is spring and 5% is national white garlic (from the Valladolid region). In addition to this, 10% of the purple and spring production is ecological (a segment that is growing) and for the past year and a half, they have been marketing small volumes of black garlic.

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