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Pedroñete, brand name bias brought to Spanish garlic

Talking about garlic means talking about Pedroñete, the only Spanish garlic that has known how to make an impression and that is recognised by consumers.

In a sector where the brand names can be counted on the fingers of one hand, it is even more difficult for a product such as garlic (considered as second category) to know how to emerge from anonymity and make a name for itself.

Coopaman, the organisation from La Mancha that is made up of six cooperatives, is the largest purple garlic producer in Spain and Europe.

Of the 18 million kilos harvested last year, the purple variety represents almost 80%. This garlic is characterised by having a better size, a more penetrating flavour and is slightly spicier.

However, the cooperative’s general manager, David Rodríguez, explains that “in spite of the fact that our most solid commitment corresponds to the purple variety, we have sufficient capacity to be able to offer an extensive range that covers from national white garlic, spring garlic (violet and white), along with the recent incorporations of black garlic, in our case coming from purple garlic, as the purple garlic variety, without any doubt, gives differentiating and unique elements to our black garlic.

Always looking towards China, which is the largest producer worldwide and which, in the medium and long term has a decisive influence on the sector’s situation, the Spanish campaign has just started. “Although the markets are not as dynamic as we could have wished for and Chinese garlic has lower prices than last year’s, the season is long and the end result is yet to be seen.”

“At the moment, whilst the markets are receiving the new harvest, we are deeply involved in finding out our customers’ requirements,” Rafael Polo, sales manager for the cooperative explains.

The innovation

Coopaman is a modern company, open to new options. And this shows in the innovative flow-pack packaging for its Pedroñete brand. “We have high quality produce, which must be accompanied by a presentation in line with this, and this is the reason for the launch of the flow-pack, which is a complete innovation with respect to the traditional net.”

“Our sales on the national market have increased and the differentiating format has brought added value to our produce, but the best of all is that consumers already identify garlic with its name: Pedroñete.”

The company’s intention is to continue working along this line of product valuation and not to enter a price war. Therefore, 100% of its produce is marketed under the quality hallmark established by the Purple Garlic PGI of Las Pedroñeras.

The production surface area of the 400 partners belonging to the organisation has been increased by 5%. The final production figures are unknown, as the weather conditions have not been as good as last year’s, and in some areas they have had specific incidences of hail storms or strong rainfall, in addition to above average temperatures.


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