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Induser is developing a new version of its associative weighing machine, ideal for berries, peppers and stone fruit

Over the past year, Induser has once again experienced a leap forward in innovation, with new developments by its technical department. They have started up a pilot project for the new version of the company’s associative weighing machine, which will be linear this time; a packaging machine using zipper bags; and software that allows produce to be classified in two and three colours, detecting differences in colour percentages. In addition, looking towards what they believe will be the next trend, they are immersed in the development of a packaging solution for tubs with heat-sealing film. All of this, without neglecting the continuous improvement of the company’s models, the ‘heart’ of which is the multi-format servo-transporter.

This campaign, they have undertaken an ambitious project in one of the areas where they are seeing most growth, Huelva, for a very important customer, Onubafruit (at SCA Costa de Huelva (Coophuelva)). The job, which combines Unitec sorting technology with Induser’s packaging, has consisted of the installation of machinery with multiple multi-format lines and a filling capacity of up to 30,000 units/hour (in tubs, clamshell trays, cups…) for blueberries.

The good reception enjoyed by its pepper packaging machines is also worth mentioning. The new version of the linear associative weighing machine has many advantages: great speed, delicate treatment of the produce (with only one drop on the handling line), and flexibility in the changing of format and produce (therefore, it is also ideal for stone fruit and cherries). For Sweet Palermo, for example, they have a packaging system with 24 weighing trays in a double row, manual feed with weight indication lights, an option for either associative weight or piece counter, or both, and detection of the colour percentage for classifying peppers with percentage control for two and three colours.


Induser continues working at a good rate to reach the goal of invoicing 50% of its total production abroad. “Comparing these dates (May) with last year’s, we have exceeded the sales outside Spain and we have several other international projects under development”, the head of Marketing, Alaina Ferretti explains. The U.S.A. and Morocco are destinations where the incorporation of new projects continues, with the same occurring in Algeria, where “cherry and blueberry production has increased greatly”. They are also expanding in Mexico, a market where “the different packaging options play an important role” for six coloured cherry tomatoes, spicy tomatoes…

If you would like further information about Induser’s solutions, you can find them on the 20th and 21st of June at the 4th Red Fruit Congress in Huelva, where they are taking part with their own stand.

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