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Natupol Excel®, the hive that communicates with the bumblebees

Koppert has been inspired by nature to create the first hive that improves the orientation of the bumblebees in bad weather conditions

 The R&D department at Koppert Biological Systems has spent years researching how bumblebees see to increase the efficiency of natural pollination in greenhouses. As a result of this work they have launched the new Natupol Excel® hive, which emits signals included in this pollinator’s spectrum of vision and that the bumblebees can identify and remember. Therefore, it incorporates a series of graphic elements the shapes and colours of which are only visible to these insects (humans can see them using ultraviolet light). These marks printed on the upper part and front of the hive, forming the BeeVision® system that is exclusive to Koppert, (third prize to International Innovation at Fruit Logística 2017) since they offer very valuable information for bumblebees to be able to find the way home to the hive. This last aspect allows the bees to save their energy, encouraging a more effective pollination. In this way, the time used by the colony is optimised, increasing the profitability per hive and reducing the total time required to achieve the setting of the entire plantation. To do this, the system is particularly indicated in crops with a high number of flowers per square metre, such as the tomato.

Other new developments by Natupol Excel® are: a larger colony of bumblebees; 19% more sugar water; and larger sized ventilation holes, which have also been protected with a special mesh against undesired visitors. The combination of all these factors helps to regulate the hive’s temperature in warm weather conditions. Natupol Excel® will be put on sale in Almeria on the 1st of August of this year.

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