New powdery mildew-resistant varieties

Zeraim has presented Carlomagno and Pizarro: two new red California varieties with this characteristic

In February, around a thousand farmers attended Zeraim’s open days to discover firsthand the latest new developments in its California pepper portfolio: three red varieties and one yellow.

At the first of the four farms on the route Mottala could be seen, a red California pepper with a very robust plant, with a strong root system that makes it suitable for crops in poor soils, since it adapts to the terrain very well. Additionally, it is very productive; it stands out for producing very uniform sizes and it offers an intermediate resistance to TSWV and high resistance to Tm:0-3 for medium-late sowing (from the 20th of July). Farmers have emphasised the “good size, colour and good higher setting” of Mottala.

Carlomagno and Pizarro, on the other hand, drew the greatest interest, since they include the incorporation of powdery mildew resistance. Both are for late planting, with important plant strength, long internodes and good behaviour during the coldest months, producing quality vegetables even at the end of the crop. Very similar in aspect, they could be seen on a farm planted on the 1st of August where the workers responsible for them emphasised that Carlomagno has a slightly larger size than Pizarro, although both plants produce G-GG- sized vegetables.

The latest development, in this case of the yellow California type, is Tuonela, for late cycles (from the 25th of July). Its important uniformity and production make it into an ideal option for very long cycles.

Over three days, visitors could see with their own eyes the characteristics of these varieties and others that are already very well known included in the company’s sales catalogue, such as Merkava (a red pepper for middle-late cycle with harvesting at the end of April in perfect conditions). The yellow peppers Tundra and Ártico (both late crops) and the red peppers Sherman, Sobek and Babieca could also be seen, without forgetting the reference in its segment, Melchor.

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