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Packaging to take escaroles to new destinations

Cuadraspania’s new packaging conserves the produce better and is already highly successful in Germany

Until now, the fragility of escaroles has discouraged their sale in other destinations, but the company from Almeria has known how to find the solution to guarantee the produce arrives in perfect conditions. And it has managed this using innovation, changing the packaging for a tray format that lengthens the shelf life, preventing the leaves from being broken and allowing the best properties of the produce to be indicated on the packaging. “Escaroles are highly unique, particularly due to their slightly bitter taste; and previously they were not usually found outside their countries of origin: Belgium, Northern France and Holland”, explains Geraldine Cuadras, the sales manager for the company and one of the partners in this family-run company located in the province of Almeria since 1992. The new preparation allows the produce to reach other markets and “it is very successful in Germany”, particularly since recipes have been incorporated to the packaging.

The company exports 65% of its produce to Europe, North America and Asia and it is continuing with its internationalisation process in the Caribbean area, where it is already penetrating the market and they foresee reaching Canada in the near future. “We are convinced that using more communication, greater consumption can be developed. It is not just a lettuce; escaroles are completely different… They have important digestive properties due to their high fibre content. They are healthy and are more filling; a complete meal can be made with them.”

Currently they market Frisée Fina escarole, Curly endives and Flat endives 12 months of the year, as well as a small line in lettuce hearts and violet artichokes using their brand O´Délice. To do this they have 700 hectares of production between Almeria and Granada, all of them open air, and they control the process from the seedbed to the end customer.

During this campaign they plan to increase their volume by 10% compared to their regular figure (45 million heads per year). During the last campaign, they closed their invoicing with 19 million euros.

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