RedNoir® marks the difference


With its new specialty, BASF adds a twist to tomato, featuring functional qualities for consumers that want to take care of themselves

Tomato is one of BASF’s strategic pillars, a line in which it is investing a lot, with important genetic developments, both in its Almería facilities and in other regions (Italy, Holland, Turkey); not in vain, it is Europe’s top consumer product.

At Fruit Attraction, BASF’s horticultural seed business, which operates under the Nunhems brand, will launch an important new product to satisfy one of the demands that has acquired greater prominence since the beginning of the pandemic, namely health. It is called the RedNoir® concept, a line of functional tomato that is different from what consumers are currently familiar with; it also features the qualities of the Intense range (fleshy pulp, with hardly any water, tasty and very firm). The first variety of the RedNoir® line is reminiscent of plum due to its shape, size (M-MM, depending on the handling) and colour. It has a striking colour on the outside, between violet and dark red, while its interior has a very intense blood-red colour. “It is very attractive and distinctive visually. It also provides a solution for producers and marketers as a distinguishing alternative on the tomato market, since it features a plus due to its high level of antioxidants and vitamins, something of great value in the eyes of consumers that want to take care of themselves. It really stands out from the market’s other options,” declares José Antonio Furió, BASF’s Tomato Sales Specialist.

Developed and selected in Almería, it is perfectly suited to cultivation in the province’s unheated greenhouses, in both the Levante and Poniente area. During the development phase and in premarketing testing, RedNoir® has demonstrated a great production level and “exceptionally high” commercial life, advantages that undoubtedly favour producers and marketers. In relation to consumers, the product is ideal for using in creative and visual dishes, also being highly versatile since its Intense® range characteristics facilitate cutting and cleaning.

Likewise, at the fair they will reinforce other well-known varieties, such as the Azovian F1 plum tomato for the national market and for export, and the Mistela FI plum cherry tomato, with its intense taste.

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