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San José, Sakata’s new piel de sapo

This new melon variety is surprising due to its quality in early cycle, its homogeneous, excellent-flavoured fruit and its external presentation

The seed company Sakata Seed Ibérica has confirmed the good development results of the piel de sapo melon called San José in the Murcia production region.

Sakata’s cucurbit promoter, Joaquín Navarro, defines San José as a variety that stands out due to its concentrated high-quality production, with homogeneous fruit of 3 to 4.5 kg. Navarro adds that “this variety has an excellent external presentation, with golden skin, which is slightly rough with lengthwise, uniform grooving.” Regarding its internal quality, San José maintains the essence of Sakata’s varieties, with a consistent, juicy flesh and a high level of flavour (over 14º Brix). “In addition to its internal quality, it stands out due to its good post harvest in the warehouse and to having a plant with greater resistance to powdery mildew and aphids,” Navarro underscores.

Planted from the 15th to the 30th of March and harvested at the end of June in the Campo de Cartagena, San José has obtained very good agronomic and qualitative results, in spite of the fact that this year the melon crop has suffered seriously from inclement weather, with cold, damp conditions.

Sakata emphasises the good reception by the new piel de sapo melon. “San José has received very good comments both by farmers and by marketers, who consider that it is a melon with a wide working range for both farmers who sell to brands and also for those who supply the large supermarket chains,” Navarro concludes.

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