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Sweet potato: the latest fashion in root vegetables

Spain has become an important supplier within Europe

Completely incorporated in the American diet, as well as in some Spanish regions such as Andalusia or Catalonia, this root vegetable, often considered as second rate or cattle food, is gaining followers and encouraging some companies to develop a category of its own.

The IberianTrade Company is one of the firms that has made sweet potatoes into one of its most important products, and it aims to complete the entire value chain from production to distribution and marketing. This is what Luís Mariano García, sales executive, affirms: “With the sweet potato we have managed to close the seasonality gaps that occur with our other productions (onions, garlic or leeks) and it is becoming one of the main products in our portfolio.”

“The target is, simultaneously, to extend our traditional portfolio of produce and to become highly specialised, for which we have chosen the sweet potato.”

IberianTrade Company has some highly consolidated import lines of sweet potato from the United States, a country that is at the forefront worldwide regarding variety selection.

On the other hand, although Spain is experiencing a production boom, it cannot compare its produce to the offer from the United States regarding quality. “This, in the long run, generates quality problems,” the executive comments.

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