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“The challenge: quality mangos by sea”

Sandra Sitjar cultivar

After their successful avocado marketing, the company from Madrid is also opting for developing mangos, both by air and sea.

Sandra Sitjar, an executive from Cultivar en Madrid, believes that in the very near future the organoleptic quality of the mangoes that arrive by sea will come close to that of the ones imported by air and this will be the definitive moment for their expansion.

Is there a margin for increasing mango consumption or could the price be a disadvantage?

There is still a long way to go to increase mango consumption in Spain. It is a very different product to avocado, as very different varieties are already being marketed and this confuses the end consumers who cannot always find the product they are expecting. Thanks to the development of air-freighted mango sales, the market has moved forward a great deal and the end consumers are beginning to recognise mangos and the better quality varieties. The next challenge involves developing the sale of mangos shipped by sea, with the same organoleptic quality as air-freighted ones, which will allow the product to be introduced in a more decisive way.

Have we hit the ceiling in avocado consumption in Spain or is there still room for growth?

The avocado is a highly versatile product, healthy, nutritional, and I would say almost addictive! Many households, particularly those with young people, have already incorporated it to their regular diet, but there is still a long way to go to reach the consumption per capita of countries like France.

Our commitment is unmitigated, for both products. Therefore, at Cultipalta we have a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to seeking out the best avocados and mangos, selecting them, ripening them, packaging them and marketing them.

Regarding the other categories, what can you tell me?

Our kiwi marketing continues to grow, particularly in the sale of yellow kiwis, and we have detected a growth in papayas, limes, ginger or bananas.

Your company, which was born in Mercabarna, has already lived through the uncertainty of the market’s concession renewal. Does this concern you, here in Madrid?

Of course, just like the other companies in the market. Yes, we are concerned about the uncertainty regarding the market’s concession renewal. As businesses, we need confirmation by the administration. We need to know if a decisive commitment to the future can be made here.

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