The outstanding of Aresca

A never-ending story of success for this young company, with increases in its invoicing every year.

Aresca is the result of Simone Scanu’s knowledge of the Italian markets and of Miguel Areste’s experience. Together they form this Italian-Spanish duo.

After just two and a half years, the Catalan company has gone from invoicing three million euros to around 12 million, which is the figure expected for the end of this year.

Among the company’s plans for the future, improving the cold storage areas stands out and, who knows, perhaps even extending the stands inside Mercabarna. The possibility of opening stands in some European markets has also not been ruled out, sending produce from Barcelona.

One of the company’s competitive advantages is its knowledge on site of the Italian and Spanish markets, since both partners boast first-hand knowledge of what is happening in both countries. “Our contact with Italy allows us to find out many of the market’s movements in advance, and this is always advantageous. We make the most of this synergy in our trade unions in both Italy and in Barcelona,” Scanu indicates.

Although the company’s portfolio is very extensive, the winter season stands out with products such as iceberg lettuces, citrus fruits and persimmons. In the summer, melons and watermelons are the star products. “I believe our contact with shippers and the experience gained over time may help us specialise in one product or another, but today our purpose is to offer good service and maintain our suppliers’ trust, doing things the best we know how to,” Miguel Areste explains.

In the long term, the company intends to become a comprehensive company that provides any service a customer might need. Currently, Aresca has its own transport fleet, which departs from Barcelona with full loads, travelling to other markets and returning with goods from other countries.

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