“The sector has experienced a perfect storm at the start of the campaign”


Campo de Lorca is advocating “jointly assuming” the inputs derived from the increase in the cost of the consumables

The 2021/2022 Spanish broccoli export campaign started with uncertainty due to the rising costs of inputs which, before the start of the campaign, Proexport estimated at around 25%. “Something that we had never seen before occurred (usually, we incurred costs linked to labour or related to water), but in this case we are talking about the costs of electricity, oil and all its derivatives, cardboard, wood, the delay in the arrival of certain products imported from abroad and, above all, fertilisers. All of this has been unexpected, surprising us at the start of the campaign,” Juan Marín manager of Campo de Lorca explains. A conjunction of situations that created a “perfect storm.” Against this backdrop, the company has talked to its clients to “try to ensure this approximate 20% increase that could be passed onto the end product is supported by all the parties. We understand the difficulty for consumers to face up to this increase, but we are working with very tight sales margins that could lead us to very complicated situations if we cannot pass on these inputs to our clients. Therefore, this is something that must be assumed jointly,” he affirms.

The company from Murcia, continuing with its usual strategy, is maintaining volumes, adjusting them to its programmes. “Over the past 3 campaigns, we have been moving stable volumes in line with the demands by our clients that have made us grow between 3.5% each year.”

In cauliflowers, there is a slightly higher growth due to the demand by its clients, who are increasingly appreciating the quality and the differentiation found in the Cricket cauliflower variety. “We have obtained specialisation in this product. We adapt to different calibres and we have achieved the snow white colour that is highly valued on the markets.”

The specialities segment remains stable. “This does not involve a large volume for us, but all the clients who work with Bimi or with kale want to maintain their sales, given that they are considered to be ‘superfoods’.

Consolidation of the bio crops

Ecological production makes up around 10% of the total volume produced by Campo de Lorca. “We have seen that the crisis has put a certain consolidation of this segment on the table, but it is also a product that has higher production costs due to the yield, as the volume per hectare is less and in the present situation we must look at the client’s purchasing capacity, since it is a crop that is more expensive to produce and therefore, the sale price is higher. We must wait to see how this product behaves in this new situation with increased costs,” the manager, Juan Marín indicates.

Foray into Ready-Cooked Produce

At the last edition of Fruit Attraction, Campo de Lorca presented its new line of bio broccoli and cauliflower creams. Antonia Piernas, Marketing and Communication Manager, qualifies the launch as a success. And the fact is that the company has managed to find a tasty, healthy recipe that was very popular amongst those attending the fair.  “At the moment we are keeping in touch with the distribution to continue advertising these products and we hope to

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