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“There is a boom in quality watermelons”

Pozo Sur is opting for the best varieties in order to market fruit with maximum flavour. This year they expect to exceed 65 million kilos.

When Juan López is asked what is the strong point of his produce he does not hesitate: “flavour, flavour, flavour”. This word repeated as a mantra has become an essential condition for watermelon sales, a fruit that has undergone a more than interesting growth in recent years and that continues to increase both in planted surface area and in volume. “Previously it was a complete success reaching 9 Brix degrees and now produce is not accepted under any circumstances under 10”, the manager of Pozo Sur explains. The advances made in variety development have favoured the generalised increasing of quality standards throughout the sector and consumers have responded positively, contributing to what Juan calls the “boom of good watermelons”. In the case of this company from Murcia, the best varieties are selected, regarding the organoleptic characteristics: Brix degrees, texture, food…. Opting for different types (black, striped, mini….), all seedless or with micro-seeds and with the more traditional red-coloured flesh, marketed with the brand names Mario and Mario Único (premium). “As long as there is no exceptionally flavoured, yellow-fleshed watermelon, we are not going to increase the range regarding colours”, he guarantees.

For this campaign, the company foresees increasing its surface area by 3%, making a total of 965 hectares and reaching a volume similar to that of last year: 65 million kilos of watermelons, 60% for export, with a production that lasts from April to October. In this way, the increasing evolution of recent years continues (in 2016 they added +8% of hectares and +12% of volume).

Pozo Sur has just changed its logo, modernising the lines and renewing the palette of colours to bring a touch of freshness in line with its fireproof spirit.

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