Almeria means Flavour

Seminis intends to bring back confidence in melons with varieties of great organoleptic quality, suitable for production in Almeria.

In recent years, watermelons have gained ground against melons due to their high quality, and regions such as Almeria have experienced a changeover of hectares from one crop to the other. Seminis intends to invert this trend with a variety range centred on flavour. Under the slogan ‘Almeria means Flavour’ the seed company has launched a campaign to show that its offer has everything necessary to bring back the status melons have lost.

In Cantaloupe, and as a new development for this year, they have SUGARLUP, an early variety that stands out due to its flavour and high level of Brix degrees, earliness, great production and very commercial size (900 g to 1 kg). Moreover, both the outer and the netted colour change when the fruit reaches its perfect cutting point, therefore it is very easy to identify when they are ripe. And let’s not forget its long shelf life. The person in charge of Relations with the Chain from Monsanto Ibérica, Miguel Sánchez, guarantees that “there are many good prospects for this variety, since after the results of the pre-commercial phase, many farmers are placing their trust in it and the sales are evolving very well.”

CHESTER is the option for yellow melons. In its second commercial year, this high yield, early variety is gaining customers’ favour thanks to an exceptional flavour, sugar levels above 12 Brix degrees, the consistency of its flesh and the homogeneity of the production.

In the Galia segment, SV5133MG has joined the Cyro line. This late fruit is the first on the market that is resistant to yellowing (CYSDV).

In Piel de Sapo for the national market, they have SV6203MP, the main values of which lie in the yield, the uniformity and the quality, guaranteeing the spring production.

On the watermelon line, Seminis continues to back the seedless black FENWAY, which combined with the pollinator, POLIFUN, guarantees setting in cold weather conditions.

The Cyro Line of Galia Melon stands out for Murcia, with more resistant varieties such as Verdasco and Robredo, along with SV5133MG. For La Mancha there are two new Piel de Sapo melons: Fonseca, in its first commercial year, and Orantes, with an excellent open air production, endurance in the field and great flavour.

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