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“Time is ruling in our favour”

Natural Tropic’s main strengths lie in its own production and its alliances with suppliers

The commitment to an exhaustive control over production is one the principles ruling the daily work at Natural Tropic. In this way, the company from Malaga manages to supply its customers 12 months of the year with maximum quality, both with its own fruit production (it has 250 hectares used for all its references), and with fruit it markets from other sources using trustworthy producers, mainly in Peru and Mexico. “Time is ruling in our favour,” sums up the manager Prudencio López.

During this new campaign, he confirms that they will continue to follow the same line of sustained growth with a forecast of 40 million euros in invoicing (last year they reached around 36). The good quality of the fruit and the diversification strategy that they started a few years ago are two of its assets. “The ecological segment already represents a quarter of our volumes, and we hope to keep growing. We also expect to do the same with guacamole, which is working very well.” This product is manufactured on a daily basis to be able to supply it with maximum freshness in Spain and other neighbouring countries and it is offered in different versions: mild and spicy, as well as in ecological.

In order to adapt to the increase in demand by their customers, they have extended the processing lines in the production unit, with an investment of 350,000 euros. This is added to the investment made a few months ago, with the incorporation of new ripening rooms and machinery for analysing the internal quality of the fruit.

The company’s largest volume lies in avocados, although other sub-tropical fruits such as custard apples, mangos, kumquats and medlars can also be found in its ranges. Most of these are sent to the main European markets (France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Scandinavia), and they also sell their products in more distant destinations, such as South Africa and South America. With regard to the domestic market, Spain already represents 35% of its total volume and this continues to expand.


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