‘Premium Excellence’ juices and hummus

At Fruit Attraction, Frutas Los Cursos is introducing three new products and a new top-range brand

Frutas Los Cursos has leaped in feet first to the world of pre-prepared and pre-cooked ranges with a new production factory that has just started operating this month and in which it has invested a million euros. It took its first commercial steps just a year ago, with the first 100% custard apple juice, mango juice and pulp and diced fruit, and now it is extending its offer with three new launches: custard apple juice with green tea and mint; mango with red tea and ginger and avocado hummus. All of them exclusively prepared using 100% natural produce, nationally grown and without using pasteurisation. At the moment, they can be found in national and international supermarkets and in the Horeca channel and they will be on display on the company’s stand at Fruit Attraction (9C04C).

But this is not the only new development on show in Madrid. “We are going to introduce a new brand, Premium Excellence Fresh Quality, which is added to the ones we already have: Frutas Los Cursos, Soan, Exquissita, and the most recent one, Premium,” advances the company’s Sales Manager, Victor Rodríguez. The new brand arises from a need for differentiation. “There already are many companies in the sector that offer tropical fruit and we are looking to stand out from the crowd in terms of quality.”

Another of the lines that they are also developing, in this case in fresh produce, is that of ecological tropical fruit. This year its volume will shoot up by 40% due to the fact that farms that were being converted are now producing. Therefore, they are strengthening their services with their clients, with mangos and avocados available 12 months of the year and custard apple for 11 months. “When the national campaign comes to a close, we bring in ‘atemoya’ from Brazil, ‘Cumber’ from Peru and ‘Cherimóia’ from Brazil,” Rodríguez states.

Looking towards the more immediate future, they are carrying out trials with several different exotic fruits. They have already introduced papayas; in 2019, they will add guavas and they will then continue with other references. At Frutas Los Cursos they are clear on this point. “Consumers want to try other flavours and we are going to provide them.”

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