Top protection with rootstock from De Ruiter

DRO141TX, Dynafort and Vitalfort bring a ‘bonus’ for tomato farmers

The brand De Ruiter, belonging to the multinational Bayer, continues gaining customers in the fields of Almeria thanks to its tomato solutions. Its new rootstock varieties, DRO141TX, Vitalfort and Dynafort, are the top examples of the new generation (joining their predecessors Beaufort, Multifort, Balancefort or Maxifort), widely known for their efficiency against nematodes. Other advantages are added to this, such as the improvements in the robustness of the plant, which grows with a stock that is more open, encouraging greater aeration and therefore, greater vegetable health; and the increase in the quality of the fruit, their size, productivity and flavour.

Regarding the plant strength, DRO141-TX has raised the standard, offering the top level of protection, strength and productivity in many different situations.

This is followed by Vitalfort, which is excellent for vine tomatoes and with a point in its favour being that it encourages early results for the variety, moving between one and two branches ahead compared to other rootstock. This factor is particularly important in short cycles and can mean a gain of up to two kilos in production per plant.

For cases when average strength is needed, at De Ruiter they guarantee that Dynafort is the best option. This rootstock is perfect for flavourful crops such as cherry tomatoes, its winning combination with the Zirconyta variety standing out, as it is one of  the greatest successes from Seminis, a brand that also belongs to Bayer. Additionally, it is recommended not only for farms with soil problems, but also for others, as it encourages a good root strength that makes the plant produce more, providing resistance against fusarium, verticillium or nematodes. In order to achieve this, the development team at De Ruiter carried out trials at their installations in San Nicolás inoculating nematodes in tomato plants. In this way, the “extraordinary resistance” of its rootstock could be verified.

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