Amela® merging East and West

The new tomato from Granada La Palma intends to revolutionise the sector with a mixture of sweetness, acidity, delicacy and character

Cooperativa La Palma continues to champion innovation and the new trends in fresh produce in Europe. Its new creations are going to surprise consumers, particularly with Amela®, a gourmet tomato that reaches the European market endorsed by its success in Japan, where it already is highly regarded.

Amela® is one of its latest new developments. They describe it as a “tomato that means a revolutionary eating experience.” Why?

Consumers are surprised when they try Amela®. It causes fascination, amazement, bewilderment; it is distinctly different, it captivates the most demanding palates with its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Its high brix level leaves a pleasant feeling of freshly cut fruit. It is an ambitious project that we believe means a turning point in the history of the tomato in Europe.

Amela® was created in Japan. There are 10,642 km separating our countries. How has it been introduced into Europe?

Amela® is the merging of the European and Japanese cultures, through two benchmark production companies, which are offering a gourmet product with certain unique characteristics and very high quality. When the concept of innovation is part of the daily work, visions like this one arise. And with work and passion, the 10,642 kms turn into a bridge to innovation and learning. The formula concentrates on a sophisticated technique, high technology and a crop that relies on great care, the secret of which lies in the millenary Japanese culture, alongside the privileged light of the Tropical Coast of Granada and the pure water of the Sierra Nevada.

Do cultures that are so different ask the same of a tomato?

Yes, consumers from both cultures demand quality, flavour and experience. Amela® is the ideal tomato for demanding consumers who look after their diet with a very high-quality gourmet product. A different experience. At first sight, its pinky-red colour and round, simple, natural shape are surprising. It is a new concept in select tomatoes, with a modern, minimalistic packaging, which enhances each piece. We foresee a very promising future for the brand on the European market.

Talking about success, the market is enthusiastically embracing the Adora® tomato. What is this brand’s projection?

Once again, our innovative zeal is leading us to merge our efforts with other leading companies (Unica, Biosabor and Casi, with the support of HM Clause). Through Verdita, which embodies this merger, the development of Adora® is working very well on the market, increasing in production both in Granada and in Almeria, with some very satisfactory quality standards.

What will your strategy be over the next few years?

We are constantly innovating, concentrating on consumer demands. The world is changing, and we must be ahead of it. All of the above, bearing our consolidated history in the cherry tomato, mini vegetables and subtropical fruit sectors in mind. We produce 70,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables per year that we market in over 30 countries. This balance allows us to continue innovating and generating value for the market.

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