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A year full of opportunities for ‘Poma de Girona’

Apple production in Girona remains stable, whilst the rest of Europe is experiencing a campaign with significant drops, in some cases reaching 30%.

Apples from Girona are maintaining their production within a stability of around 1% of production difference with regard to the past 3 years, reaching 80 million kilos. This campaign appears as an exceptional opportunity, since the pressure of Italian apples on the Spanish market is going to be less, due to said significant drop in production.

The chairman of the PGI Poma de Girona, Llorenç Frigola, comments that “as suppliers, now is a unique chance for all our customers, along with the large retail sector, to discover the safety and confidence that our produce offers.”

Consumers, aware of the current environmental problems, know that apples from Girona are fruit that are sustainable, local and environmentally friendly. “They are a produce that takes less transport to reach the markets and, for almost the past two decades, the production techniques have been carried out using Integrated Production, therefore the carbon footprint is much lower than for apples that travel thousands of kilometres,” Frigola adds.

“What we really want is to emphasize the qualities of these apples as local, sustainable produce, and we are proposing some long term trade relations with the large retail sector.”


Girona Fruits is recovering a vintage apple

Girona Fruits is rescuing a vintage variety with a special clone of Golden Russeting.

This old variety has a high sugar content; it brings back the taste of yesteryear and it is marketed in a classic packaging of pine wood from the region of “Les Gavarres”, some forests close to the preparation centre itself. Due to the soil and weather conditions, along with an important biodiversity in the natural habitat, the producing regions allow insects who are predators of pests to live, also promoting specific hedge and grass planting projects around the fields themselves. This innovation also involves a specific, low vigour, high UV exposure, and natural balance production system that encourages the russeting.


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