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Zespri prioritises environmental sustainability

The kiwi producing company is making a great effort to implement new strategies and technologies to promote sustainability.

Zespri® is aware of the importance of looking after the environment, not only because it is the best ally when producing top quality kiwis, but also because as a leading company in the fruit and vegetable growing sector, it has a firm commitment to protecting the environment for future generations. In order to do this, sustainability, closely linked to innovation, is one of the company’s most important values.

It is worth mentioning that Zespri® has a significant track record on this point, having devoted a great effort since its very beginnings to carrying out research and implementing new strategies and technologies to promote sustainability. This is complemented by specific initiatives performed by the farmers to optimise and protect the natural surroundings of their own farms.

Amongst the aspects that Zespri® concentrates on are the reduction of greenhouse gases, water consumption, waste both organic and in packaging and the use of non-renewable resources. All of this without forgetting to take care of the biodiversity.

An example of this is the research being developed by Zespri®, along with the New Zealand government to identify greenhouse and carbon gases, in such a way that the company can work more effectively on reducing them.

Amongst the achievements that have already been reached is the minimisation of the use of fertilisers thanks to the development of new tools and the use of compost and natural nutrition products; only using water that comes from springs that are naturally replaced in New Zealand; or the carrying out of extensive research to understand carbon storage in soil.

Furthermore, Zespri’s® packaging is 100% recyclable and the company uses direct transport systems to reach any part of the world, mainly using slow-moving refrigerated ships to minimise emissions and fuel consumption.

With all these initiatives, Zespri® is at the forefront on the subject of environmental sustainability, actively contributing to making people aware of the importance of offering consumers a product with excellent quality without putting the conservation of the planet to one side.

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