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“Exclusive” Avocado 12 months of the year

Frutas Manzano has launched its new brand ‘Exotic Gourmet’ for tropical fruit, on sale in specialised stores and supermarkets

In 2016, the company from Granada Frutas Manzano reached an invoicing of approximately 20 million euros and marketed around 14 million kilos including all its references. These figures corroborate its constant growth thanks to a strong commitment to quality, offering its produce at perfect ripeness and its prompt and trustworthy service. In its tropical fruit range, avocados stand out due to the sheer importance in volume. Every year the company markets approximately 5 million kilos between production that is national and from other sources. In this way, it can maintain stable programmes with the large supermarket chains, supplying them 12 months of the year. The company’s Import/Export manager, Alberto Casanova, explains that ,”along with the national production of tropical fruit, which has put the sector on a European level due to its quality, Spain is also a European import hub”. And the fact is that companies like Frutas Manzano have known how to respond to the increasing demand for these products, investing in the creation of synergies with third countries to fill in the gap that appears after six months of national avocado production.

The company, which markets its products under the brand name ‘Manzano Exclusive’ for high quality tropical fruit, has recently incorporated a new brand, ‘Exotic Gourmet’, with which it has been marketing its Premium fruit since last December, aimed at giving an attractive, modern image.

Within its range, another of the most important references is the custard apple, a product less well-known than other tropical fruits outside the main production area, the Coast of Granada. However, “its demand is becoming increasingly greater both nationally and internationally”, Casanova states. In fact, Frutas Manzano already exports 20% of the 7 million kilos of custard apples that it produces every year. This fruit is mainly sent to the markets of France, Germany, Holland, England and Italy. Its short shelf-life means that more distant markets are difficult to reach. The delicacy of the produce and the fact that it is not standardised means it has to face up to certain challenges when it is being marketed outside Spain. “It is very important to know the client and to maintain a fluid communication with him to ensure that a good job is carried out with the custard apples, guaranteeing the sales and treating the fruit correctly, in such a way that the risks are minimised and the maximum quality is maintained until the consumers acquire it at a point of sale”. On this point, one of the sales methods that are normally used with custard apples is to offer it on mixed pallets along with other tropical fruits such as avocados. And the company also markets mangos and medlars (2 million kilos per year). In the latter case, 75% of the production is exported to Italy, Portugal and France during the months of March to May. Outside this circuit “it is a product that still has a long way to go”. For consumers from Northern Europe it is not as common due to its size and the fact that it is a stone fruit.

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