ZespriSunGold, Flavour of the Year

Consumers have granted Zespri’s® yellow kiwi the Flavour of the Year 2016 award
ZespriSunGold, the yellow kiwi from Zespri® with golden, juicy flesh, has obtained the Flavour of the Year 2016 award, with acknowledgement by consumers and its nutritional properties have been backed by a jury of nutritionists. Flavour of the Year is the only food quality certificate that guarantees good flavour, thanks to its methodology, by which the products are tested and approved by the consumers. For 97.3% of consumers flavour is a key factor when purchasing food.
Through the independent organisation Global Quality Iberia, the consumers themselves are the ones who determine which are the food products that deserve this award every year. To do this, they sample them using blind tasting trials that are developed in specialised laboratories with tasting examinations. Only those that obtain the highest mark in each category finally receive the title of Flavour of the Year.
Over the year 2016 consumers will be able to find ZespriSunGold kiwis marked with the stamp of the Flavour of the Year in their hypermarkets, supermarkets and regular fruit stores, guaranteeing its good flavour, providing an added value in quality compared to its competitors and improving the brand image.
This recognition reflects the good acceptance that ZespriSunGold has had amongst consumers since its arrival in Spain, in a very short time becoming one of the favourite, essential fruits in the shopping basket.
In addition to its excellent flavour, ZespriSunGold has high levels of nutrients, such as a very high level in the amount of vitamin C, 161.3 mg per 100 grams of kiwi, which exceeds the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and is triple the amount found in oranges.
Its optimum storage temperature ranges between 0ºC and 1ºC and, given its capacity to retain its top quality conditions for longer, ZespriSunGold enjoys a longer shelf life after the periods of handling, transport and conservation. This allows consumers to be guaranteed that they can purchase the fruit in perfect conditions, without the organoleptic properties being affected.

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