The Oscar kiwi is a member of a large family

Seven very high quality kiwis make up the PrimLand produce range which, since April has been highlighted on social networks.
A family with seven members (organic kiwi, Label Rouge kiwi, kiwi with PGI, Hispania kiwi, Chile kiwi and Summer kiwi), with availability twelve months of the year and with the slogan, “Be kiwi, be happy”, have turned PrimLand into an outstanding global operator.
The kiwi christened as ‘Oscar Hispania’ is the latest to join the new family. “We considered that alluding to the origin of the produce is an element of satisfaction for consumers, giving guarantee and confidence”,’ Jean Baptiste Pinel, director of the French company explains.
The ‘Oscar Hispania’ kiwis are from Spain and Portugal and they are grown on around 20 hectares by a producer associated with the company. The French company started the project last October and its volume has already reached 500 tonnes and it will continue to grow.
“Spain has always been a highly receptive market for our kiwis, and in fact we sell all the references, but with the Oscar Hispania brand we are getting closer to consumers.”
PrimLand, which markets on the five continents, did the same with its produce from the Southern Hemisphere, which it called ‘Oscar Chile’.
The baby brother of the family, Nergi, the kiwi berry, is undergoing an important development in the Northern European countries, such as Germany and Holland, but it has yet to be introduced onto the more southern markets. 2015 closed with one million trays sold (125 gram format) and this year a volume of three million trays has already been reached.
Furthermore, just as the French season is about to end, Pinel explains his satisfaction regarding the fruit’s good conservation, “which reached some very high brix degrees, although we already have all our energy placed on the Southern Hemisphere’s season.”
The social networks. As a logical result, after the brand’s new visual identity and the slogan that backs it, PrimLand has decided to highlight its presence on the social networks. At the moment, it has just launched its Facebook profile:, available in French and English. Along the same lines a WeChat application has been launched in China, directed from Shanghai and in September a Line application will be launched for the Taiwan market. “We want to be in consonance with our customers and Oscar must be a brand that is heard, explains itself and knows how to ask for its consumers’ opinions. I hope that we reach the same success as with Nergi, our baby kiwi, which has reached 20,000 fans in two years”.

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