David del Curto has joined the Origine Group

Alberto Garbuglia, Origine Group managing director: “So we will be able to supply world markets 12 months a year”

The chilean group David del Curto S.A. has become a part of Origine Group. Alberto Garbuglia, managing director of Origine Group, declared that news at Asia Fruit Logistica  congress in Hong Kong, while he presented the Sweeki past experience . “So our Consortium – said Garbuglia – will be able to offer Sweeki to the world markets 12 months a year.”

David del Curto S.A. is one of the top 5 Chilean fruit exporters, leader in kiwi, blueberries, apples, pears, table grapes, operates on 6 factories in Chile and exports to more than 80 countries.

In Hong Kong, Garbuglia explained the past experience and the future programs: “Asia is responding very well to our marketing promotions in supermarkets, general markets, social media and press communication: we delivered more than 50 container Sweeki last season on Asian markets. The most appreciated quality is our ability to offer all year high quality fruits with the same sweetness characteristics, with the same packaging, the same promotion and the same ‘perceived’ by the consumer “.

The success of the Sweeki project confirms the goodness of the winning intuition that has led to Origine Group: “a transparent, efficient and flexible aggregative model that has identified leading companies looking at the global dimension by enhancing local production”

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The consortium Origine Group was established on August 7, 2015 by the strategic alliance between 9 Italian  companies leaders in  fruit and vegetables markets and growing. The consortium – founded by Afe, Apofruit, Fruit C2, Gran Frutta Zani, Kiwi Uno, Op Kiwi Sun, Pempa-Corer, Salvi-Unacoa, Spreafico – consists of companies already firmly present on national and international markets with total turnover Of over 1 billion euros, which have pooled their resources to deliver  top-quality product, working together on innovation and new varieties to emerge in a global market. This new pole aim to develop his business by  2 products of Italian excellence, pears and kiwis which the total production is over 200,000 tons. Two brands available to the consortium: Sweeki for kiwi and Pera Italia for pears.

www.sweeki.com  www.origine-group.com

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