Indian Food Processing Industry Towards Growth and Profitability

The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth which have a great potential to attract investment and generate employment by 2024. Food processors, importers, wholesalers, retailers, food service operators are all part of a developing agribusiness sector.

India has solidified itself as a net food exporter with a consistent balance of trade surplus in food and agricultural products with an expectation of the market to double by 2020 so as to fulfill the evolving needs of consumers.

The food processing industry is seeing growth and profitability due to increased domestic consumption and growing capabilities to meet the standards and demand for traded commodities and processed goods around the globe.

If modern food processing technologies, cold storage techniques, and food quality grades are adopted, the sector is expected to gain strength and the link between agriculture and manufacturing will forge. A stronger food processing sector will also address some of the rising concerns of food wastage and farmer profitability.

Considering that the demand of greater convenience and a higher-degree of processed and prepared products have increased, Media Today Group organized on a grand scale the 10th anniversary edition of India Foodex expo series – an attempt towards growth and profitability of the Indian Food Processing Industry at BIEC in Bangalore from 31st – 2nd September, 2018.

Inaugurated by Agriculture Minister of Karnataka N. H. Shivashankara Reddy, the event won a large amount of admiration.

The show increased the understanding level about the accessibility of hi-tech solutions and knowledge to take Indian food process and agribusiness sectors forward. India’s largest International exhibition on Food Products, Retailing, Import & Export, Processing & Packaging Machineries and Allied Industries, India Foodex 2018 showcased modern methods and functionality of commerce values towards a sustainable development.

‘A Notable Initiative’

Agriculture Minister Reddy, in his address, cherished the efforts and articulated great gratification in inaugurating the event. He highlighted the necessity to develop the sustainability through well-organized automated equipment systems which accompanies and progress undeveloped research and advancement.

He said, “Processed food will play a major role in future. India has to see the creation of many food processing industries as several Mega Food Parks are coming up in the country. New
ventures on medium to large scale food processing can be initiated in these mega food parks.”

He added, “To meet the national and international safety standards our food industries must adapt to good manufacturing practices and the financial support offered by the Ministry of
Food Processing Industries, Government of India, is an additional benefit.”

While communicating with the Minister, MB Naqvi, CEO, Media Today Group said, “At this instant we must focus on reducing our post-harvest losses, value add our farm produce, make
the farmer get greater income and make more food available for consumption.” Subsequently, the minister along with MB Naqvi, walked around the exhibition and said he was very awed by the industrially best displays of the pavilions. The prominent event hosted stalls featuring tools and machineries from the entire agri-food segments that are expected to assist the possible investment sectors.

Overseas Participation

The contingent of international delegations was large. A delegation of 35 members from China, 30 members from Brazil, 25 from Turkey and 15 from Indonesia were present. France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam and Bangladesh were among the important participant countries. The event highlighted the approaching prospects of collaboration with each participant country to assist the progress of Indian agri-food Industry. Concurrent events were organized to help promote improved trade relations for all stakeholders of the Industry.

The admired expo hosted stalls showcasing tools and technologies from almost all key food segments.

India Foodex Culinary Challenge

The “Culinary Championship and Inter Hotel Competition” presented by DAAWAT was organized to achieve a positive association that promoted Food Professionals. The event attracted various hospitality & food industry enthusiasts from different companies across the country.

The respected jury members included Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju, Executive Chef, Taj Yeswantpur (Convener of the Competition); Chef Shazia Khan, First Runner-up MasterChef India 2; Chef Nimish Bhatia, Founder – Nimisserie; Chef Asfaque Qureshi, Chef & CEO – Grande Cuisines of India; Chef Suvaranjan Banerjee, Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza – Bengaluru; Palani Murugan, Celebrity Chef, Founder of ChefHouse; Chef Rahul Gladwin Massey, Founder – Culinarte.

Battle of Biryani (B ‘o’ B)

In developing a framework for appreciation of the dish – Biryani, Media Today Group categorized a friendly competition Battle of Biryani (B ‘o’ B). Several contenders competed in the presence of the Honourary Jury. The winners were highly appreciated for their efforts by all the jury members and by the King of Dum Pukt Biryani, Imtiaz Qureshi.

There were many other categories attended by several challengers. The overall competition was a successful segment.

Indian AgriBusiness Excellence Awards

Indian Conventions in association with Media Today Group (organizers of India Foodex and AgriTech India expo series) held their 2nd edition of Indian AgriBusiness Excellence Awards
Ceremony at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore on 1st September.

This ceremony was the focal point to bestow gratefulness to professionals who transformed the essence of Indian Food Industry and made a mark in the Global Market.
This event proved to be a great platform to revitalize associations and forges relationships.

Earlier, 1st edition highly praised the companies of Indian Agribusiness Excellence Awards 2017 and they were: Buhler India, Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. ltd. Shaktiman Agro, Amul, Allround Vegetable Processing India, Frick India Limited, GSI Group, Vimta Groups, Katra Phytochem, Centre Institute of Fisheries Technlogy, Falcon Marine Exports Limited, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Indian Institute of Plantation Management and Parvata Foods.

All the while, there was strong presence of MDs, EDs, GMs, Marketing Manager, Purchase Managers, Brand Heads of Food and Agri Sector, Industry Leaders & Companies from India
and Abroad on a single platform.

Praising the development of the Industry, a video message from Minister of Commerce & Industry Suresh Prabhu was played. The event further progressed with some addresses of
great value by the high-principled guests.

Gokul Patnaik played the role of convener.

Daniel Latorraca highlighted the prospects Indo-Brazil Agribusiness Co-operation. The areas of co-operation discussed included agriculture and food processing sector. He expressed the
hope the deliberations would further strengthen the strategic partnerships.

Changing Regulatory Environment and How to Plan For It

Vijay Sardana, one of the steadfast professionals with interest in Bio-economy, Innovation Management, Value Chain Management, Capacity Building, & Public Policy at National &
International Level expressed his expert views on Changing Regulatory Environment and How to plan for it –
 The food industry has made highly visible pledges to curtail food marketing, sell fewer
unhealthy products and label foods in responsible ways.
 Industry practices have raised special concern, particularly regarding food marketing.
 Understanding what requirements may be around the corner can help anticipate
regulatory changes.
 Regulatory agencies also focus on who (or what) a regulation is designed to protect.
Emerging Trends: Taking Indian Agribusiness from Farm to Fork
A Panel Discussion was held that included Sanjay Dave (moderator), Bejon Misra, S. N. Patil
and Gautam Sharma as panelists. The discussion revolved around the concept of Farm-2-Fork
that offers farmers solutions that ensure better productivity by reducing wastages.
 Agribusiness – which includes value addition for agro-related industries and for
agricultural trade and distribution services – has expanded in most developing countries.
 The types of agricultural products have changed from subsistence to cash crops, from food
staples to intermediate inputs.
 Technology in agriculture, also known as AgTech has rapidly changed the industry,
benefiting farmers from concerns over the environment, a better yielding crop and the
ability to manage their crops in new and efficient methods.
Water Resources and Food Security
Masood Husain drew attention to the increasing importance of irrigation for future food
security in a changing context that has many impacts.
 Irrigation makes the greatest contribution to global food security in Asia.
 Food insecurity is largely a rural phenomenon and water-related constraints.
 More recently, the focus has further shifted towards improved understanding of climate
change impacts and their implications for water management and food security.
Emerging Trends in Restaurant Industry Integration with AgriBusiness & Technology
Asfaque Qureshi gave a lucid presentation on the trends in the culinary world that are
constantly shifting to reflect the ever-changing interests and needs of people. The past few
years have marked significant change within the food service industry as the food culture
shifts towards higher quality food and expediency.
Major Trends –
 Shift from Traditional Dining to Delivery and Fast Service
 Global ingredients are making their way into Western cuisine
He believed that the most important thing is to stay true to your vision and cook great food.
Subsequently, the Award Ceremony took place with great propriety and earnestness. The
awards were presented in recognition of the excellence and best practices in Indian

Concurrent Events

Adding more value to India Foodex, concurrently, Media Today Group is also organizing HRC Expo 2018, 5th Meat Tech Asia 2018, 8th DairyTech India 2018 and 9th GrainTech India
2018 to ensure better business for all. It is a challenging effort to cover all aspects of food production and sale.

HRC Expo 2018: Owing to the great response received from food and hospitality sector, the 1st edition of ‘Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Expo (HRC Expo 2018)’, an International exhibition on
Hotel, Restaurant and Catering products, services, bakery equipments and technology was launched, inaugurated by the Chief Guest – Padma Shri Chef Imtiaz Qureshi.

Bangalore always being a major contributor garnered huge response to the new added edition.

Media Today Group appreciates the efforts of participants to make this a success.

Meat Tech Asia 2018: Maintaining the possibility and demand for Indian meat and meat products worldwide, Media Today Group organized 5th Meat Tech Asia 2018, as a common
platform for the entire meat sector. It gave a readily available opportunity to the producers, meat processing technology suppliers, service industry and other stakeholders to display their
strength and interact with each other. Participants included ICAR – National Research Centre on Meat, Lame Italia Srl and Polar Genetics India Private Limited among others.

DairyTech India 2018: Aimed at promoting and ensuring all-round development of the Indian dairy industry, 8th DairyTech India 2018 was organized. The International Exhibition on Dairy
Products, Processing & Packaging Machinery and Allied Industries, proved to be the best place to become part of the emerging Indian Dairy Industry and promote its further commercialization.

Many visitors praised the expo being the right place to acquire knowledge and explore business promotion. The well organized and informative expo provided a good experience for the visitors. Exhibitors present were Aavin, Indifoss Analytical Pvt. Ltd., LLV Biotechimpulse, DeLaval Private Limited, Serap India Private Limited, Stellapps Technologies Private Limited, Swastik Agro, Vansun Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Milkwell Milking Systems and many more.

GrainTech India 2018: The 9th GrainTech India 2018 event became a common platform for the grain and feed milling and ancillary industry segments. Recognized as the India’s largest
Technology Exhibition on Flour, Rice, Pulses, Spice, Corn, Semolina, Pasta, Biscuit, Feed, Milling Machinery, Storage, Processing, Packaging, Ingredient and Allied Industries, it drew a
large number of visitors. Exhibitors and visitors congratulated the organizers and wished them well to make it even bigger next year. It was a very good meeting ground for the
participants that provided much information on new developments in the industry.

Participants among others were Adinath Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd., Anhui Bida Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd., Duli Chand Ram Chand, Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co., Ltd.,
Henan Jinxing Roller Co., Ltd., MILLTEC Machinery Limited, Millmore Engineering Private Ltd., My Silo Grain Storage Company Inc., Padmanabhan Machineries, Schmelzer Agro India
Private Limited, Symaga, etc.


The participation of foreign companies has helped in the up-gradation of many units in India. India Foodex 2018 offered an impressive show attracting over 31,000 visitors and nearly 500
exhibitors from all parts of India and other 30+ participating countries. Many leading Brands and top ranking professionals visited and observed it as the best acknowledging ground for
the potentials in the right way and through right means.

The show presented huge opportunities to the exhibitors as well as the visitors. The expo series had valuable B2B business meetings and global exposure to the initiates, networking for
the stakeholders and a lot more. Over the three days of the expo, potential clients met with many leading companies from all over the world and assisted meaningful discussions and business deals.

Notable exhibitors includes Buhler (India) Pvt. Ltd., Capricorn Food Products India Ltd., CKS Products, Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (FPPMIA), Macvita Energy Food LLP, Satake India Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Synergy Technics, Surami Fooddeck Private Limited, Rubtech Mech India LLP, Irle Kay Jay Rolls Pvt. Ltd., Bon Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Agaram Industries, Selis, Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited, Kamtech Infoline, Meatek Food Machineries India Pvt. Ltd. and Essen Multipack Limited.

Promotion of Products and Services

India Foodex series assisted in promoting foreign investments and innovative efforts within the country. It also helped in exploring possibilities of joint-ventures with foreign companies. Media Today Group connected visitors with global leaders in food industry and to technologies under a single roof. It covered the entire Indian Food Industry. The event series continually brought stakeholders from every stage of food production, starting from seed suppliers to processing & packaging companies to retailers.

The distinctive platform added a great pact to the development of Indian food industry. The successive achievement of the event has encouraged looking forward to the next edition of the successful event, i.e. from 30th August to 1st September, 2019, Bangalore.

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