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INTERPERA 2017, International Pear Congress

interpera 2017

The 10th edition of Interpera took place in Wenatchee in the state of Washington, USA.

The congress has gathered more than 160 participants originating from 13 pear-producing countries: Australia, Canada, Chili, Mexico, Uruguay, New Zeeland, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Italia, France, Spain and Bosnia.
The states of Washington and Oregon are leaders in the US pear production especially in the Wenatchee and Yakima zones.
A major meeting
This World Pear Congress has been co-organized by the Pear Bureau Northwest and AREFLH. Interpera is a yearly event.
For growers and trading partners, it is a unique opportunity to share experiences on:
• New pear varieties around the world
• Production techniques
• Improvement of pre-harvest and post-harvest quality
• World trade
• Consumption trends
High-quality presentations have given an overview of the main specific problems for pears.
The day after the congress was devoted to visit packaging units and orchards.

A developing and changing sector
The world production has been steadily increasing since 2002 from 15 million tonnes to reach 26 million in 2014.The world’s producer is China (18 million of tonnes) followed by Europe (2.400.000T), Argentina (860.000T) and the USA (830.000T). The world trade increased from 2,2 MT in 2005 to 2,7MT in 2015 whereas in Europe the trade reduced from 2.585.000T in 1995 to 2.394.000T in 2015 and 2.170.000 T in 2016. The trend is dominated by the Conference (18.000T in 2016), Abate Fetel (290.000 T) and Williams (250.000T).

A consumption growth still possible
The world consumption has increased since 2012 to more than 2kg per year and person. However, this phenomenon is unbalanced. For instance the Chinese consumption is 9,26 kg/pers/year and the Indian is 0,24 kg/pers/year.

A larger varietal range
New promisinvarieties are arriving on the market. They are maingly red or two-toned.
• Spain : Celina, Carmen et Selena
• France : Angelys
• Netherlands and Belgium: Sweet Sensation, Xenia, Cepuna, Corina
• New Zeeland : PIQUA Boo

The next congress will be organized by a European country in 2018 or 2019.

AREFLH (Assembly of the European Regions Producing Fruit Vegetable and Ornamental plants is a 15-years European association that was created by an initiative of Spanish, French and Italian regions to represent the voice of producing regions and producer organizations in Europe, with 20 regions and 23 producer organizations. Together they represent 40% of European fruit and vegetable production.
The main mission of AREFLH is:
• to represent its 20 member regions and 22 AOPs, from 6 countries in Europe;
• to defend the economic and social interests of the fruit, vegetable and horticultural sectors to the European authorities;
• to foster exchanges of experience, partnerships and joint projects between regions and professional organisations;
• to actively seek new solutions for the main issues which affect the future of the fruit and vegetables production in Europe.
Twitter : @areflh @interpera

The « Pear Bureau Northwest » is a non-lucrative organization which promotes and develops the markets of Oregon and Washington pears. The pears coming from these states are distributed under the US Pears brand.
Together these states produce almost 84% of national production and more than 94% of winter pears, except Bartlett, Bosc and Anjou pears. They represent also 92% of American exportations of fresh pears.

The Pear Bureau groups 1600 producers and 50 stocking, packaging and expedition units.
It co-organizes actions to increase the American fresh pear reputation and its consumption. In the internal market, selling managers work with national and regional retailers to create winning strategies.

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