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NaturaSì enters as a minority partner in Bioconsum

Bioconsum, the third operator in the specialised ecological sector in Spain, and NaturaSì, the largest Italian ecological food group are teaming up to consolidate a network of independent shops

The aim is twofold: to articulate the specialised ecological channel in Spain and to increase the Spanish national competition in the sector. The new network is being reaffirmed as the third retail force in the specialised bio sector.

NaturaSì will enter as a minority partner in Bioconsum with the aim of developing the Italian insignia in Spain, but with its own, flexible model, adapted to the Spanish context, by way of the creation of a network of independent shops that can create an ecosystem of farmers, producers, shops and consumers all over Spain that allow ecological products to be developed and their value preserved.

To do this, the project seeks to offer the shops a professionalisation and feasibility tool, thanks to the accumulated experience of NaturaSì and Bioconsum over the past 25 years, which includes services such as: accompaniment and training in the shops, a logistics platform where the shops can acquire most of their produce, agreements with the main brands in the sector, computing services and common information management, distribution of brands of exclusive products and marketing services, amongst others. Added to all this is the dissemination and development of the ecological sector, with a special spotlight on biodynamic production, connection with the territories and local products as their main pillars.

In the words of the Bioconsum group’s Manager, Vadó Mora, the alliance with NaturaSì opens up a new dimension for the channel. “We want to group the maximum number of independent shops together to generate synergies, knowhow, strength, turnover and to take advantage of the experience of a brand such as NaturaSì. It is the natural partner with whom we can develop this project. They are shopkeepers and they group together independent shops in the specialised ecological sector, in the same way that Bioconsum has done to date, and we share the same values.”

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