Poblano peppers, the latest from Keops

The ecological production company from Almeria is adding a new speciality that is very popular amongst its clients from the large supermarket chains
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After four years of development, Keops Agro has started to promote YummyPepper, a poblano pepper with which it is extending its range of specialities, which it started with the Karamel tomato line. Tasty, crunchy and with fleshiness that is between a conical and a California pepper, it is presented as a differential, high quality product. Available in green, red and chocolate, it is ideal for single-coloured or mixed presentations. Additionally, agronomically-speaking, it works very well. Focussed on long cycle, it is easy to handle and is not prone to suffering damage from viruses, pests or fungal diseases, Francisco Javier del Águila, Manager of Keops Agro, explains.

At present, they have a small production on their demonstration farm, devoted to showing YummyPepper to their clients. The first valuations make it obvious that “it is popular. Last year we sent the first samples out and this year we have been asked for more, particularly by large supermarket chains in Germany.” Once this first phase has been concluded, the large scale commercial phase will be started during the next campaign.

Along with YummyPepper, Keops’ pepper portfolio has a line of spicy peppers that occupies 1.5 ha. A segment that has slowed down and has had a negative evolution in price compared to pre-pandemic times, del Águila comments.

Within its offer, they have the cherry tomato, Karamel Rome, cucumbers, vine tomatoes, spicy peppers, limes, oranges and the new poblano pepper.

EpigenHealthy Bite

Keops Agro’s products are integrated into the health seal ‘EpigenHealthy Bite’, which differentiates products with many advantages based on health, the environment and nutrition.

“It has been scientifically endorsed that in Almeria the products using our production method double the carbon sequestration level compared to other crops (almost 7 t compared to 3).” This means an advantage due to the improvement in soil conditions and an environmental benefit. Added to this, the production method allows the maximum expression of the fruit, letting the organoleptic properties reach their full potential.

Currently the partners grouped under the quality seal are working to show their advantages through a QR in supermarkets. “We are promoting it amongst our clients.”

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