Nunhems expands its Q.verde line and spearheads the ‘second revolution’ in the Spanish cucumber market

Olano F1* and Ocana F1* offer added quality, a deeper colour, better post-harvest performance and, above all, a sweeter flavour.

The production of top quality Spanish cucumbers year-round is now a reality thanks to BASF Vegetable Seeds. The company, through its Nunhemsâ brand, launched its Q.verde line five years ago, consisting of Contador F1, the first variety to be marketed 365 days a year, Nibali F1 and Alpita F1. All of them feature very dark, prickly cucumbers, are highly productive, and enjoy excellent plant health.

Now Nunhemsâ is rounding off the range with Olano F1* for the autumn-winter cycle and Ocana F1* for the spring-summer one. Both maintain the high quality standards that characterize the Q.verde line, offering fruit with completely dark, prickly skins and, most importantly, sweet to the taste, as well as improved shelf-life. “The two varieties come from very vigorous, healthy plants which makes them ideal for organic farming as well,” says Antonio Manuel Alonso Rodríguez, the cucumber expert at BASF Vegetable Seeds. All the varieties in the Nunhemsâ Q.verde line are resistant to mildew (powdery) and cucumber vein yellowing virus (CVYV) and are exceptionally resilient to cucurbit
yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV).

Added quality
Nunhemsâ presented its new Q.verde varieties on Thursday in Almeria to more than one hundred operators and producers in the Spanish cucumber market, who were also apprised of their excellent commercial possibilities.
These varieties bring added value as they produce cucumbers with a very attractive deep green colour as well as better uniformity and a longer shelf life. Indeed, Olano F1* and Ocana F1*, like Contador F1, Nibali F1 and Alpita F1, maintain their freshly-harvested appearance for longer without turning yellow, which makes them ideal for selling in more far-flung markets.
All the varieties that make up the Q.verde line by Nunhemsâ have a glossy, crunchy and very prickly skin that reflects the appearance of traditional Spanish cucumbers, making them especially attractive at the initial sale stage and for the end consumer.

Contador F1, the benchmark
During the presentation of Olano F1* and Ocana F1*, the cucumber team at BASF Vegetable Seeds took stock of the excellent commercial results of Contador F1, the market benchmark in the Q.verde line. Its outstanding versatility means it is able to adapt to different growing zones all over Spain, whether in greenhouses, under nets or in the open air, guaranteeing the supply of top quality Spanish cucumbers all year round. Consequently it has become a sure asset and is now the most sought-after variety in the domestic market. “We are confident that from now on both Olano F1* and Ocana F1* are going to follow in the footsteps of Contador F1, offering clear benefits for farmers and the retail sector alike,” says the cultivation expert at BASF Vegetable Seeds.

The Q.verde line
With the launch of its Q.verde line, Nunhemsâ revolutionized the Spanish cucumber market and established high quality standards. With Olano F1* and Ocana F1*, Nunhemsâ is spearheading a ‘second revolution’ which increases the benefits for farmers and the retail chain in terms of both conventionally farmed and organic produce.
Q.verde is a unique product line that is the result of strong investments in R&D by BASF Vegetable Seeds, which leads the Spanish cucumber market. Nunhemsâ continues to work to incorporate new products with the common denominator of bringing added colour, quality and uniformity to the market.

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