Ondine and Regal’in are recruiting new members

Two Catalan companies are joining the project by ASF Edition-Frutaria with the prestigious quality brands Ondine for flat fruit and Regal’in for round fruit
proyecto ondine fruites font

The agrifood cooperative group Fruits de Ponent, a leader in the European sector has made a categorical commitment to both brands with at plantation project of 100 ha of round stone fruit and 225 of flat fruit.

Fruites Font will now focus on developing 60 hectares with the intention of increasing its commercial link in the short and medium term with the project led by Frutaria, the global leader in stone fruit.

Frutaria, with stone fruit productions all over the Iberian Peninsula, is the subsidiary company of ASF Edition, one of the most prestigious companies in the world in breeding and editing stone fruit varieties, with a clear commitment to the organoleptic quality of the products throughout the entire campaign.

The stone fruit that it markets using the Ondine and Regal’n brands responds to a selection of varieties characterised by their excellent flavour, colouring, productivity, long post-harvest shelf life and unbeatable appearance.

Alfonso Rivera, the General Manager of Frutaria,points out that “it is great news that a company with the standard of Fruites Font is becoming linked to the Ondine project. Its high agronomic and preparation service capacities are going to have a great dynamizing effect on the project.”

The company, with head offices in Zaragoza, maintains its road map associated to high produce quality. The ASF varieties are not for mass distribution: “This is not our business; we don’t sell for the sake of selling. We carry out a selective coordination of the vegetable material and we protect the distribution in order to coordinate the offer. We also look for a connection with the end consumers and, for this reason, we choose the best producers and exporters. We do not have a short-term mentality in this business,” sources from the company affirm.

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