Rivoira Group, new image and website


The Rivoira group is constantly evolving and changing.

It is well known that the Piedmontese company is a leader in apples and kiwis, as well as stone fruit and cherries. An Italian fruit that delights the best palates.

The company is an example and paradigm of development, technology and evolution, with great knowledge and varietal and agricultural development, and facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Now it has been time to renew and update its business and corporate image, starting with its well-known apple red but adding more modern and minimalist touches.

Furthermore, taking advantage of this update, the Rivoira group is launching its web page, in four languages and with a very attractive image that is suited to new technologies.

A surfable website for you to know all their products and projects, to enjoy it and with optimal usability.

Marco Rivoira, managing director of the group, has agreed to all these changes that reflect and empathize more with the culture of the company, with its modern, flexible and dynamic style. “It was important to appeal to dynamism at all times, both in the logo, as in the pack and web”. “It is our way of talking to the client, to get a face and to transmit our inner self through the image”.

Everything is ready for a new campaign, for this new normal, and to fully enjoy the taste and, in this case, visual sensations.

The Rivoira group is an Italian family company that has been operating and leading the fruit market since 1970. Tradition, management and know-how are now, with these new changes, the perfect combination of evolution, dynamism and quality.

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