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La Palma MACFRUT Digital 2020

Meeting the challenges posed by the current social situation and coinciding with the start of the campaign, Cooperative La Palma is taking a step forward and adapting to virtual events, starting with its participation in MACFRUT Digital 2020, where it will continue its B2B activity by inaugurating its new digital space – La Palma eRoom. 

The MACFRUT Digital 2020 event will be held on the coming 8th, 9th and 10th of September. The last edition of this international fruit and vegetable fair had more than 1,000 exhibitors from 90 countries and received more than 43,500 visitors. This year it was scheduled to be held in May in Rimini (Italy), but the current health crisis caused it to be moved to September and to opt for a virtual format, offering exhibitors a privileged channel to dialogue with buyers registered on the platform. 

La Palma, an internationally renowned fruit and vegetable company, will participate in this meeting with the aim of strengthening its presence in the European market and of working side by side with all the links in the production and distribution chain, from seed companies to the end consumer. “These exceptional circumstances led us to consider this new form of meeting with our customers as an alternative to the face-to-face fairs we usually attend periodically, because for us proximity is fundamental”, highlighted a representative of the Cooperative’s Management. 

Last May in anticipation of the current situation, Cooperative La Palma held what was the first virtual meeting in its 47 years of history, an event that made possible a mass gathering of its 700 farmers who were able to connect online from their homes. 

On this occasion, the company is taking another step in its digital transformation. La Palma will inaugurate a new digital room, La Palma eRoom, for MACFRUT Digital 2020 and in anticipation of future virtual fairs such as Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect. This is an area created especially for the occasion in which the Commercial Team will be able to arrange e-meetings with any part of the world from its headquarters in Carchuna. All this, in a fully equipped space that is reminiscent of one of its fair stands. La Palma eRoom is also another advance in the field of sustainability on the part of the Cooperative, making it even more efficient and providing significant logistical savings compared to face-to-face fairs. 

“The idea arose from trying to transfer as faithfully as possible the concept of the fair stand to our facilities. We wanted to take a step forward and adapt so that distance would not be a problem when communicating with our customers”, explains a representative of Cooperative La Palma’s Commercial Team, who added, “At La Palma we have always been known for our innovative character. On this occasion we have put our cutting-edge facilities at the service of innovation to create La Palma eRoom. Following our usual line of work, we are ready to offer the most innovative experiences.” 

With the aim of maintaining the excellence that characterises the company, Cooperative La Palma has been developing an innovative, highly professional agriculture that is constantly improving: a Positive Agriculture in their words. The company is anticipating and adapting to the new behaviours of a demanding consumer, allowing it to maintain over time the high level of quality that has led to its strong consolidation in the European market as a benchmark for the production and marketing of cherry tomatoes and speciality mini-vegetables. 

As for the product offer, La Palma maintains its leadership in the range of mini-vegetables with a wide variety of speciality tomatoes, snack cucumbers and mini-peppers. There is also its line of subtropical fruits: cherimoya, avocado and mango, for which an increase in production is expected in order to guarantee their marketing in European countries. 

At the same time, the Cooperative continues to invest in larger-sized products. It offers top quality and characterful brands such as its Amela® tomato, which has revolutionised the market by presenting a unique consumption experience, uniting sweetness and tartness in a single bite and also offering extraordinary organoleptic qualities. This gourmet tomato of renowned prestige in Japan has already conquered European palates through La Palma. 

Another example is its exquisite Adora®, an unsurpassable brown ribbed tomato that has received outstanding awards from the sector, quickly positioning itself as the market leader in its category and which you will find in stores again very soon, as it begins its harvesting season in October. 

The company is currently working on the development of new larger sized product lines, researching different shapes, colours and flavours with which to continue to amaze the consumer. 

“Having consolidated ourselves as a benchmark in the world of mini-vegetables, we now seek to surprise the consumer by transferring the intense flavour of these small vegetables to other larger format products”, concludes a representative of Cooperative La Palma’s Commercial Management. 

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