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Unisorting of the Unitec Group at Interpoma 2018

angelo benedetti presidente unitec

Unisorting, a Company of the UNITEC Group specialized in the design and development of high-performance innovative technologies for all phases of apple and pear processing, takes part at INTERPOMA, the international trade show to be held in Bolzano on November 15-17, 2018.

The highlight of Unisorting’s booth at the trade show is Unical 8.0 technology with Apples Sort 3 system, the Unisorting solution that uses high resolution cameras to select the internal and external quality of any apple variety.
On display at the Unisorting booth (Sector CD – Booth D23/60), this technology makes it possible to classify apples with extreme precision and reliability, and according to a variety of parameters: internal quality, external quality, shape defects, in addition to size and color, in the different percentages present on each fruit.

A number of fruit and vegetable packers have already adopted UNITEC Group Unisorting technology to improve the reliability of their work and apple classification, guaranteeing their customers a higher level of Quality Consistency with each supply.

One of these, Sad Gigant, a Russian fruit and vegetable packer that for nearly 90 years has played a major role in the Russian fruit industry, acquired a six-channel line equipped with Apples Vision 2 technology for processing and selecting apple quality.

Another important company that has chosen Unisorting technology to guarantee its customers apples with quality classes that are increasingly consistent between what was promised/agreed to and what is then delivered is Solfrutta, a well-established company from Piedmont that has been a player in the national and international fruit and vegetable market for almost 30 years. Solfrutta recently purchased a four-channel apple line equipped with Unical 8.0 technology with Apples Sort 3 system.

Extremely innovative technology allows fruit and vegetable packers to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, competitiveness, and, therefore, profitability.
In fact, besides being able to classify the internal and external quality of apples with unprecedented reliability, Unical 8.0 with Apples Sort 3 system is an extremely delicate technology that perfectly safeguards the apples’ integrity, fragrance, and taste.

Furthermore, Unical 8.0 guarantees compliance with the highest food safety standards and is therefore able to avoid and reduce product contamination: it can be sanitized 100% and is certified in compliance with standard 2006/42/CE, regarding sorting lines sanitizing and hygiene.

Unical 8.0 also combines maximum productivity and ease of use even in the smallest spaces.

Unisorting will also present another technology at the trade show in Bolzano: Uni 9.0 Pear with Pears Sort 3 system, the innovative technology for the sorting of different pear quality classes.

The American fruit and vegetable packer Diamond Fruit Growers recently adopted this new technology.
July 16th 2018, inside one of the packing facilities of Diamond, located in the Hood River Valley in Oregon, saw the opening of the new 18-lane plant equipped with UNITEC Uni 9.0 Pear technology with Pears Sort 3 system to sort different pear grades.

It is the first plant in the world highly specialised in pear processing and grading, being able to see 100% of each fruit surface. In a long interview, the President of Diamond Garcia declared that technological results did not only meet, but even exceeded expectations from all points of view: Has UNITEC’s technology met our expectations? Most definitely. In fact they have exceeded all our expectations, on every aspect of it. The throughput has exceeded our expectation, the consistency of the grading process has exceeded our expectation, the consistency of the sizing has exceeded our expectation, their professionalism exceeded our expectation, There hasn’t been one aspect of dealing with UNITEC that hasn’t exceeded our expectations. The Pears Sort 3 system, with which Uni 9.0 Pear is equipped, is true state-of-the-art technology: it sorts the different pear classes with precision and unprecedented reliability. Furthermore, it is an extremely delicate system that enables a non-invasive classification that fully respects the organoleptic characteristics of pears. We just don’t see the damage of the fruit that we experienced with the old equipment. And the consistency of the product is really good so, when we send out a box of fruit to our Customers, they’re gonna receive the same quality of fruit, box after box, day after day, month after month.

With these words, Robert Wymore shows to be fully aware of the fact that using Uni 9.0 Pear with the Pears Sort 3 system, Diamond Fruit Growers can ensure modern retail and final consumers pears of consistent quality inside the same pack, but also in the various supplies (Consistent Quality over time).

The innovative spirit of Unisorting and the entire UNITEC Group adds value to Uni 9.0 Pear technology with Pears Sort 3 and Unical 8.0 technology with Apples Sort 3 system to meet the needs of customers with new high-performance solutions that achieve results never before seen in the trade.

From its first meeting with the potential customer, UNITEC Unisorting takes the time to listen and consider all the needs that come to light, thinking about how to turn them into concrete solutions that generate substantial improvements in the customer’s work processes.

“A motto that we strongly believe in is ‘Our technologies must quickly pay for themselves through the benefits they generate for our customers,'” says Angelo Benedetti, President of the UNITEC Group.
Interest, passion, and enthusiasm are the added values that the UNITEC Group puts into all of its work. Professionalism and continuous innovation are the foundation of everything, but they are not enough when it comes to pursuing excellence. And the UNITEC Team is always available and attentive, from the first developments of each project to the final processing stages at the customer’s premises.

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