Fragaria reaffirms its excellence for the second year running

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The “Fragaria” strawberry, the brand belonging to Fruits Ràfols, has won the prestigious ‘Premio Sabor del Año 2022’ (Flavour of the Year 2022 Award) for the second year running. The entire process, from its cultivation in Huelva until reaching the consumers, is looked after down to the last detail.

Specifically, the   ‘Fragaria’ strawberry obtained a score of 9.11 in general satisfaction this year (9.02 in 2021) after evaluating its flavour, appearance, aroma and texture.

Eduard Ràfols explained to this magazine that the award “reaffirms a project that was born four years ago in such a way that, at the moment, demand outweighs production. Over the next approximately three years, our goal is to offer Fragaria 12 months of the year. We will always give priority to national production, from Maresme, Huelva or Segovia, but we will also have to resort to imports from South America.”

With the aim of supporting and maintaining a strict quality control over the production, the Catalan company is investing directly in the fields of Huelva.

“We are proud and happy because the Award shows that consumers choose ‘Fragaria’ because we are all doing our work well, from the farmers to the workers, transporters or retailers… this is an achievement for the entire chain,” Helena Ràfols, the company’s Human Resources Manager, points out.

Fruits Ràfols, a select fruit distributor since 1988, created the ‘Fragaria’ brand in 2018 to offer consumers a top quality, large-sized, naturally red strawberry, with a consistent texture and an extraordinary flavour. A strawberry that is cared for throughout its process, from the fields to the consumer’s table.

Splendor variety

As indicated by Carlos Jiménez, the company’s Sales Manager, “at that point we were looking for a single producer who could take care of the produce down to the last detail and we allied ourselves with ‘La Huerta de Doñana’, in Almonte (Huelva), where we now have 20 ha of the Splendor variety. And we are carrying out trials with other varieties and other possible presentations, specially selected for the most demanding consumers.”

Increasing production

Although the production is very limited, given the dimensions and maximum control over the produce, Fruits Ràfols plans to increase sales by 20%, reaching 250,000 kg in this campaign, which started in December and will end in May. ‘Fragaria’ is distributed all over Spain and is exported to other countries such as France, Italy and Bulgaria.


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