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360º monitoring


HispatecTrack accompanies exporters and closes the traceability circuit on the chain of value.

After acquiring all shares from Anserlog Worldwide Tracking at the beginning of this year, once again the company Hispatec has made a qualitative leap. Its new division, HispatecTrack, completes the traceability of agrifood products from the seedbeds to the field, passing through warehouses and transport, until the product in question reaches its destination, the end client, and this can go even further. “We have remodelled the product and not only do we cover the monitoring part in real time, but we also accompany exporters all the time during their goods dispatch process, with a view to giving them shipping information and helping them to analyse this data, either using the Control Tower tools, the 24/7 control department, which is made up of people specifically trained to monitor shipments, or through the Hispatec Analytics team, with all the different parts working together seamlessly with the service. We obtain the information during the shipping, we analyse it and we propose improvements for all areas of the logistics processes,” Francisco J. Morillas, project manager from HispatecTrack, summarises.

Another important point lies in the fact that “the service is independent of the hardware.” The specific integration of all the data on the ERPagro software allows the processes to be automated, along with operability from the very start, meaning that users have access to all the information without changing platform or browser.

Morillas heads a team of 15 people. The control department works 24/7 to guarantee the maximum safety and reliability of the shipments, whatever the means of transport chosen (lorry, train, ship or plane), through personalised alerts, control of the cold chain, anti-break in systems, etc. In order to monitor the load, they work with disposable and recyclable devices and they have a specific recovery programme in order to achieve zero waste.

Companies of the standing of Anecoop, Sanlucar, Unica and Grupo Yes are on its books and it is opening up the international market on four continents hand in hand with Hispatec.


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