A record harvest of Pink Lady®

The volume of Pink Lady® apples in Spain in 2019 has risen to 10,000 tonnes, 40% more than in the previous campaign.

This year there has been a notable increase in production compared to last year, reaching a record volume of 10,000 tonnes and exceptional quality, characterised by unique size, colouring and flavour.

The weather conditions have been favourable and generous, with good day and night temperature differences and little rainfall at harvest time. In spite of the high summer temperatures, the fruit has grown correctly. All of this has allowed a notable increase in the production, with excellent quality fruit.

In the 2019-2020 harvest, around 70% of PinkLady® apples harvested in Lerida and Girona (5 percentage points above the brand’s average in Europe), have passed the quality control set by the association, which guarantees the unique size and organoleptic qualities: a seductive pink colour, an irresistible smell, a specific sweetness and a great wealth of nuances. The remaining 30% of these apples are not discarded. After this careful selection process, the Pink Lady® apples reach the market with their maximum freshness, ready for eating in their pure state, in desserts, cocktails or sophisticated creations.

Global sales are stable compared to last year, and in Spain we are at the beginning of a particularly good season, with 1,800 tonnes already sold, a figure that is 12% higher than in the same period of 2019. Spain is a very dynamic country for Pink Lady, as it contributes 13% to the general growth and it currently forms part of its three main markets, along with Germany and France.

Pink Lady® commitments

The environment, local economic and social development, progress for the producers and interaction with the consumers are the four main theme areas, covered by the 14 commitments assumed by the network.

In this second part of the season, three key operations will be carried out to reflect the association’s policy for sustainability commitments and values. In the first place, special attention will be paid to innovation with the Pink Lady® Talents 2020, which takes technicians and technologists to the heart of the orchards.

A second important indicator of the brand’s commitment will be embodied by the new packaging range, which shows a new design, whilst at the same time using new plastic-free solutions to meet the needs of the different problems of the markets.

Finally, it continues with the trade-marketing operation “Adopt a tree”, aimed at bringing consumers and producers closer together, following the evolution of an apple tree and picking its fruit. After the success of the first edition, this initiative, which combines trade results with dissemination and promotion of trust among the consumers, is going to be extended to seven countries this season, from March 2020 onwards.

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